Pip, the Smallest Dog, Makes a Big Bang on the Internet

The Petnet explodes with love for this tiny pup

By Leslie Phelan


Once upon a time, I found an old brass lamp half-buried in beach sand. When I shined it up, a genie appeared to grant me just one wish.

Put on the spot like that, there was only one wish I could think of. It was a wish I’d made with my heart many times – whenever I saw a shooting star, caught a falling eyelash, checked the clock at exactly 11:11, or blew out the candles on a cake . . . the only thing I ever wanted was a pug that would stay a puppy forever!


Photo credit: SWNS

Just kidding – I mean, yes the wish was mine, but the puppy was granted to Joanne Astley of Dudley, West Midlands, England, who named her tiny puglet Pip, likely on account of what a little pipsqueak she is.

Pip was birthed on a January day in a litter that included three others who, now at 4 months of age, are all at least double her size. She dealt with a bit of pneumonia as a newborn but is a survivor, and while she may not ever be very physically strong, she is formidable in spirit and adored for all that makes her unique.

Pip has those same big, googly pug eyes you can’t help but love, but everything else about her is dwarfish and definitely resembles a Chihuahua, kitten, or wind-up toy more than a typical pug. So exceptionally cute and itty-bitty, she was even born with a cleft palate to add to the effect, making her tiny, snaggled face an unparalleled marvel of runty-fine sweetness. Weighing in at just over a pound and standing less than 4 inches in stature, we have a contender for the title of smallest pug in the world.