The Girls of Instagram and the Pets That Get Their Love

Get Leashed finds the fairest of them all and the common denominator: Pets!

By Jon Nelson


With a jet set lifestyle that sees them paid to spend time on the world’s most gorgeous beaches, you’d think this group of Instagram royals would spend very little time associating with earth’s simpler, four-legged creatures. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It may seem funny to find a candid pet pic alongside heart attack worthy model shots, but these ladies know that having a pretty face just isn’t enough these days. A huge and devoted Instagram following will help aspiring models get noticed and keep the established queens in their thrones. Thus, having a slice of down-to-earth charm and grace that the common people of the world can relate to is important. And what’s the easiest way to do that? Pose with pets.

Katelyn Byrd

It’s sort of unfair that a girl with a face like this exists, but if one does, at least there’s dogs that get to kiss it. She probably washes away slobber immediately for fear of clogged pores, but we’ll let that slide.

@Katelyn Byrd

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Carmella Rose

Some of this young lady’s charm lies in her humbleness about being on the beach. As if she wasn’t there yesterday and will be again tomorrow, she finds beauty in the sand and the sun and likes to tell her followers to appreciate it with her. For sure her followers notice that sunset behind her or that there is even sand around…


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Candice Swanepoel

With her work for Victoria’s Secret breaking her into the Forbes Top 10 highest earning models list, Candice really has no need to be on Instagram to get noticed. But with over 5 million followers, it’s a tool to stay visual in the one month a year she’s not on a magazine cover or walking the runway at a major showcase. When she poses with her Jack Russell, we’re reminded that she really is just another normal person that anybody could grab a low calorie beer with.


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Alexis Ren

Alexis presents a stern reminder that being young, blonde, in shape, and showing it off can get you 2 million followers. Time Magazine only has 1 million. That’s totally cool, right? The world is in good hands. At least she’s kind to animals and shows that off as well.


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Annie Ericson

On Instagram, being blonde isn’t the most important thing, but with all the right bikini beach shots in place, one has to blame the brunette undertones of Annie’s hair for her lack of followers. While she still has a lot, she has less than her counterparts on this list. If she posted more pictures of herself with dogs she’d definitely have more of a devoted fan base. And FYI, her pics with pets actually are some of her most popular photos to date, so we’re not just winging this strategy.


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Bryana Holly

How this woman isn’t a household name is mystifying to say the least. She goes to Coachella like every year, has a body like a real life Barbie, and don’t even expect another reason because you don’t need it. In all seriousness though, she has posed for Puppies and Parties, which is an organization we can get behind, and it does appear that she’s adopted her own dog. When she takes pictures with cats it’s just the best thing on the Internet (if you like that sort of thing).


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Jessica Lee Buchanon

Jessica lives in Fiji because that’s where you can live in a bikini and post pictures of yourself living in a bikini to Instagram all day. She has beautiful Chihuahuas and posts images of them to Instagram all the time. People just love Chihuahuas and that’s why she has so many followers. We didn’t make this up.