Valerie Susik’s Interactive Illustrations

Art meets the real world with our favorite medium: Dogs!

By Jon Nelson


We live in a world filled with creative thinkers doing amazing things; sometimes it seems like we barely even get a second to stop and appreciate one brilliant person’s work before the next big thing comes along. Lucky for us, being a dog magazine means that the best creative ideas (those involving pets) get sent our way multiple times, making them impossible to miss. This is the case with Valerie Susik and her adorable “interactive illustrations.”

These clever pieces mix drawings of dogs making silly dog faces with real life props to create one-of-a-kind photos that are bound tickle the funny bone to the core. Susik is a pro at capturing dogs in the midst of exciting dog moments – eating, playing, sneezing – and their expressions in these pieces are priceless. Check out our favorites from her collection below!

Check out more of Valerie’s work on her site.