Does Your Pet Make Your Life Better? Apply For Purina’s Better Together Award!

Purina celebrates the bond between people and pets

By Jon Nelson

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The Purina Animal Hall of Fame™ is a touching and inspirational annual event that celebrates extraordinary animals and the special actions they’ve taken to save lives. Their stories and portraits remain on display at Purina Pawsway in downtown Toronto and can be visited by pet lovers year round.

This year, for the first time, Purina is introducing the Better Together Award. The idea is that people and pets are better together and these special bonds should be celebrated. Pets don’t need to be lifesavers to be entered and can just simply be a great help to the people they spend their time with. Think of the cat that sits with your grandmother in her nursing home, or the dog that diligently sleeps with your kindergartener every night to dissuade nightmares.

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People can submit stories of how pets have made their lives better up until June 22nd.  Then there will be a judging panel selecting the top finalists, with a public vote in September to select the winner. The winner will win a trip to next year’s Hall of Fame and a year’s supply of Purina pet food.

Check out the submissions and on the Better Together Award site but be warned – you can (and should let yourself) fall down a hole of wonderful stories about pets and easily lose track of time!