Social Pets – Christie Brinkley’s Rescue Pup, Chester Brinkley

Chester Brinkley: The affectionate rescue pup of the most beautiful woman in the world

By Jon Nelson


Beauty lies skin deep, or so they say, but to maintain a notorious spot as one of the world’s most beautiful people, beauty definitely lies deeper than skin. It’s well known that working with Christie Brinkley is a delight. Through decades of stunning work, her reputation has stayed as golden as her hair. With philanthropic endeavors as important as UNICEF and Greenpeace, we can’t help but admire Christie’s dedication to bettering the planet we live on – and we haven’t yet touched on her rescue pup, Chester.

Chester Brinkley makes a dog’s life look pretty good. He’s just as beautiful in the pet world as Christie is in the human one and because he’s a rescue dog, he gets an even bigger piece of our dog-loving heart. When he rolls with his bestie, Maple Sugar Brinkley, the world of Instagram dog lovers goes bananas. Always cute and forever an addition to his mom’s beauty – we can never get enough of this gorgeous dog!

Visit Christie’s skin care line and be sure to follow her on Instagram (check out the Chester Brinkley hashtag too) for more.