Harlow & Friends

Cuddly, photogenic and furry, yes, but these dogs are so much more for the good they do

By Patrick Cullen


Harlow and Sage were proof that good things really do come in twos. The sweet duo offered an alternative to the usual social media dog fare in that they were truly an unlikely couple – Harlow, a dashing, wide and beautifully-eyed Weimaraner complemented her greying elder, a mini-dachshund named Sage, to a tee.

Sadly, tragedy struck early in their celebrity as Sage died of old age, leaving Harlow to carry on alone. But her loneliness did not last long as she quickly found a new friend in another mini-dachshund, Indiana Thunderbolt. Baby sis, Reese Lightning, joined the family soon after and the three have been inseparable ever since. You can learn more about the early adventures of the dogs in the book Harlow & Sage (and Indiana): A True Story About Best Friends. A lot of dogs on social media claim to be best friends, but after a few glances at their pics, it’s clear that the love between these pups is the real deal.

If you need a reason beyond the overwhelming cuteness of these three to follow their devoted friendship on their Instagram or Twitter pages, joining their 700k+ combined followers, their fundraising work offers just that. Harlow & Sage support the Humane Society of Utah and other rescue organizations, regularly featuring dogs who are up for adoption in hopes of finding them a home. They recently joined forces with Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart) and the company Bark Box to raise over $8,000 for eight different shelters across the country.  Most recently, they teamed up with @iandloveandyoupet in a call for videos of dancing pets. For every submission, @iandloveandyoupet has pledged to donate a meal to an animal shelter in addition to the 1,000 meals they are already giving out. This is an easy, fun opportunity for you and your pet to help out less fortunate animals. The official rules can be found on this post.

Whether you’re looking for a cute, daily pick-me-up photo of some lovable pups, or are looking to learn more about or contribute to their philanthropic efforts, Harlow & Sage is the page for you! And don’t forget Harlow’s newest page, @HarlowandFriends, featuring portraits of adoptable dogs.