6 Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work

Why every day should be Take Your Dog to Work Day!

By Jon Nelson


Why do we only celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day once a year? We’ve compiled a list of the greatest benefits to having dogs in the workplace and we think you’ll agree, more offices should institute at least one day a week when dog’s can mingle with employees.

1. It’s convenient

Save time by skipping the morning walk. The walk to work is the morning walk! Plus, you can stay at work later if need be.

2. It reduces stress

Nothing can keep you calm like a furry friend snoozing at your feet. If your dog is active, a quick stroll will keep your head clear and help you focus on specific tasks.

3. It makes everyone happyScreen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.23.26 AM

Dogs enhance the good vibes of every environment they’re in. Your fellow co-workers will become endless playmates for your pet all day long. Of course, if your dog is a jerk or has a problem with strangers, you should leave him at home. Likewise if your office mates are jerks or have problems with dogs. (Apologies to anybody with health issues related to dogs. You’re not a jerk).

4. It makes you new friends

You had no idea that your silent co-worker was such a dog enthusiast and now you’re good pals! You’ll find you get a lot more visitors at your desk throughout the day when your dog is with you.

5. It saves you money

No need for a dog walker if you’re able to take a jaunt during your lunch hour. Plus, you’re more likely to bring food with you to work, saving money by not splurging on overpriced sandwiches.

6. It increases camaraderie

More time with your dog will bring you closer. You’ll notice that dogs can sense when they’re in a privileged environment, making them generally better behaved.