Life of Vi: OH Canada!

Violet celebrates all things Canadian for Canada Day

By Rachel Simpson


The statutory holiday doesn’t mean much to her, except maybe a longer walk. The fireworks only freak her out. No, Canada Day is hardly a big deal to Violet; not like Christmas, for example, and its attendant week of feasting. She isn’t much of a patriot either. But she is a happy resident of “the true north strong and free.” So have a look at what makes our French bulldog so Canadian. Maybe you see some of her in yourself?


Up North

Summer is fleeting in Canada, and long overdue no matter how soon it arrives. Canadians – most of them anyway – are built for winter; they can handle it. But we are also master cottage-goers, and that goes for our dogs as well. Vi loves cottage trips. And why wouldn’t she? Spend all day outside, sun-bathe, terrorize the wildlife, swim (in her lifejacket, of course), go for boat rides, and wait patiently by the barbecue on the off-chance someone finds her too cute to not share with. What more could a girl ask for? Maybe a few less mosquitoes, but that’s it.


Canucks, EH

What it means to be Canadian for Canadians, and what it means to be Canadian for the rest of the world is often wildly different. Do we like to display our patriotism? Sure, we hang flags, wear cheesy t-shirts that profess our heritage. Do we have toys that are uniquely Canadian? Absolutely, just like Vi’s squeaky (for now) beaver tail. Kitschy Canadian figurines? We have a chuckle at those too. But would it be stretch to say that the only genuinely Canadian thing in this picture is Vi, who is friendly and adorable. What’s more Canadian than that?


Toques & Boots

Winter is a reality of life in Canada, and being Canadian means knowing how to handle it. Unless you’re hibernating, boots, a toque, and a parka are an absolute must. Vi knows this as well as anyone, and happily dons her Canada Pooch parka before braving the elements. She has a toque and boots too, but let’s just say she’s less enthusiastic about wearing them. Still, you’ve got to dress for the weather if you’re going to find some fun out in the cold. What kind of fun can you have under such conditions? Well, if you’re Vi, you ravage snow-forts, fetch snowballs (which are impossible to return), and bark at the skaters on Grenadier Pond (barking at the paddle boats being strictly a summer sport).


Canadian Cuisine

Vi eats the same thing every day, and with surprising gusto considering how limited her diet is. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate Canadian cuisine. Pancakes are a favorite, and what goes on pancakes? Maple syrup, of course. Peameal bacon (Canadian bacon, to our neighbors in the south. For sure, Vi is a bacon enthusiast. Unfortunately, she has a pig-free diet—eating bacon would practically be cannibalism! And what’s more Canadian than a coffee and maple donut from Tim Horton’s? Maybe hockey. But you can’t eat a hockey stick. Not that Violet wouldn’t try.


The Great Outdoors

Look at the money in your pocket: there’s a beaver, a maple leaf, a loon, a polar bear, an elk, maybe even a Canada goose if you’re a high roller. Canada is a country bound to nature, to the great outdoors. Vi doesn’t appreciate this connection, but she certainly appreciates the great outdoors. Climbing tree stumps, overturning logs, wading into the water, chasing anything and everything that moves – like a typical Canadian, Vi is never happier than when she’s enjoying the outdoors. Okay, maybe she likes eating more. Maybe.