Britt Rawlinson

Meet the owner of V-S-P consignment and shop dog, Ollie!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


If you’re a lady or a guy with lady friends in Toronto, you’ve heard of V-S-P consignment. Neatly tucked away on Dundas West, this is a store of dreams for fashion-conscious women. It’s not a shop you casually cruise in and out of; it’s an experience you devote part of an afternoon to. For this reason, V-S-P has carved out large and lavish dressing rooms with a custom made room for parties of ladies to swap designer dresses while enclosed in their own beautiful part of the store.

Shop owner Britt Rawlinson has put something special on the map for a bustling neighborhood of trendy women and it’s apparent when customers enter and greet her like old friends. Everyone wants to see what’s new in store and Britt manages to cater to everyone’s style, walking a line between elegant and hip-chic with what V-S-P carries.

Adding to the store’s casual, classy ambiance is Ollie the dog. He embodies the vibe of the store to a tee: friendly, laid back, cool and totally collected, not to mention beautiful (or handsome – sorry Ollie!). We could go on about how perfectly he fits into the store’s atmosphere, but we’ll leave it to Britt to tell you more about the perfect elegant dog/shop combo she’s created.

Please tell us about yourself:

I am the owner of V-S-P consignment. We opened the store almost two years ago and since then it has been a whirlwind! As a new business owner most of my time is spent at the store, but no two days are alike, which keeps me on my toes. There’s a really strong sense of community in the neighbourhood, and between our customers and our consignors, I am always meeting wonderful, interesting and creative people.


A bit about your pet:

His name is Ollie Rawlinson-Fluker! He is a King Charles Cavalier. We chose this breed after many years of dog-sitting a good friend’s Cavalier and fell in love with their temperament and characteristics. They are very personable dogs that are equal parts loving and playful – we wanted a dog we could cuddle up with, but that we could also run around with in the park.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

We live in Dundas West, which is a great area in which to go for walks with Ollie. We usually take him over to Osler Park down the street, which is a bit quieter than Bellwoods. We love going to the different farmers’ markets during the week and on weekends we usually have dinner with friends in the backyard.

Describe your personal style:

I’m drawn to things that are easy and casual, but that still have a classic or feminine look to them.

What inspires you?

My mom has always been an incredible example in both business and life. She started and runs a successful business, but still maintains that nothing should be taken too seriously – life is meant to be enjoyed!

How would you describe the look and feel of your store?

When we were designing the store we really wanted the space to feel airy, relaxed and welcoming; the type of a place you would like to spend time in with friends. To keep it warm we featured walnut and marble and always have a range of plants.

A story about your pet:

Since the day Ollie came home with us, his favorite spot to sleep was on top of our pillows, basically wrapped around our heads. Unfortunately we have gone against all training 101 tips and Ollie now thinks he is one of us. I don’t think we could have it any other way!

From being in the shop with us, he developed an instant love for babies and children. The second a stroller comes into the shop he runs to say “hi.” His ability to be both gentle and extremely playful is just one of the many reasons we love him.

We’ve included a few of our favorite picks from the current V-S-P collection below. Simply click on the item for more info and a direct link to purchase!