Lisa & Miles

Get Leashed gets chummy with one of the marketing world’s cutest couples & Kevin the dog!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


We feature a lot of couples on Get Leashed, no doubt because (the coolest) couples share a dog or two. Dogs bring out the best in people, mirroring their greatest qualities and enhancing their bond. Another truth: the coolest couples have the coolest dogs. Enter Kevin. This smiling (really – actually smiling) Duck Tolling Retriever might just be the hippest dog in Toronto. Why? Because Lisa and Miles make him that way… maybe. Or perhaps he was born extra hip and finding a super cool couple to live his life with was just the path that was set for him. If Kevin was tolling ducks in Nova Scotia with an East Coast duck hunter, would he have the same charm and hipster class? We’ll never know. What we do know for certain is that Lisa, Miles and Kevin make a fabulously cute family.

Here they are to tell you a bit more about who they are and why Kevin is Kevin.

Please tell us about yourselves:

Lisa: I’m the Senior Brand Manager at Virgin Mobile, which essentially means I spend a lot of my time making sure things look good, from managing our ad campaigns and photoshoots, to producing content at music festivals and fashion events across Canada and over to L.A, NYC and London. Work keeps me really busy but I get to collaborate with a ton of really cool people and check out a lot of events I’d want to sneak into anyways.

(Check out this fabulous blog she’s started: Lisaxkevinstyle)

Miles: I’m the Director, Brands and Communications at Bruce Mau Design. I work on a variety of branding, strategy and architectural projects for a great mix of clients. I’ve been fortunate enough to work across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa and with some of the world’s best creatives. Lisa and I met while working together and we have a lot of shared interests. It’s great when you can hear about and relate to each others’ day – it makes for some good conversations at the dog park after work.


A bit about your pet:

Lisa: I was watching the movie ‘Up’ where the kid is running around chasing a giant bird he named Kevin and it just stuck with me – I imagined how ridiculous it would be yelling “Kevin” in a dog park. It also helped that we didn’t have any friends with the name. Deciding on the breed was easy too; he’s a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever which is essentially an apartment-sized retriever and a ginger. Miles is a ginger, so again, it just made sense. We landed on the name and breed about two years before we actually got him, so for awhile, everyone knew him as ‘Future Kevin.’

Miles: When we moved to the area there were one, maybe two other Tollers, but over the past year, we have seen a lot more. Kevin must have started the trend (obviously, we have zero evidence to support that!). He does get stopped a lot on the street because he’s a good looking guy and people love his name just as much as the breed.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Our ideal weekend would include a morning stroll through Trinity Bellwoods Park with Kevin and Miles and a coffee/tea stop at Tokyo Smoke. Then we might go on some sort of shopping mission, which could include a bike ride over to the Toronto Flower Market to pick up as many bunches of flowers as I can fit in my basket. Afterwards, we’d grab dinner and drinks with friends (either Miles is cooking or we are heading out somewhere around Queen West West). And finally, we’d top it off with a late-night, 90s dance party at someone’s place.


How would you define your style?

Lisa: I love contrast; a lace dress with a pair of Nikes, an oversized men’s button-up with tight leather leggings, a boho vibe paired with a moto leather jacket.

Miles: Casual basics; a good pair of APC denim with Nikes (you can tell we are obsessed by the shoe wall, and equally full storage locker) and a dress shirt or tee. Our work environments are super casual, which makes things pretty easy. That being said, I do love an opportunity to put on a suit every once and a while.

What inspires you?

Lisa: I am constantly inspired by the people I am lucky to have in my life. I seem to have surrounded myself with friends and family who are so accomplished and creative and I love catching up with them, hearing what they’re up to and even seeing what they’re wearing. I love fashion and everything from Miles, to my friends, to Instagram, to people-watching, inspires me and makes me excited!

Miles: We have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some pretty amazing friends and family that bring so much vibrancy to our life. In addition to that, we get to travel a lot and soak in the culture from Paris or Copenhagen or LA and mesh that into our lives. Lisa is pretty stylish so that forces me to keep up!

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Lisa: A mix of vintage, modern, and some unicorns.

A story about your pet:

Lisa: Kevin is a very interesting and particular dog. There are so many stories about his eccentricities but if I were to pick one, it would have to be the time we were walking down the street and he noticed a pair of pants draped over a bike rack. No person, just pants. He was so incredibly disturbed by this situation that he refused to go near them. There’s even a YouTube video.

We’ve captured a couple of Lisa & Miles’ style favorites in the images below. Hover over for links to purchase!