Luxury resale’s smartest team & one sophisticated pooch

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


Recently, Get Leashed ventured to a brilliantly luxurious shop in Toronto’s Rosedale area to meet a well-established woman of high fashion, her dynamic daughter, and a dog who does more for the shop than anyone could have assumed. The shop is Clementine’s and the dog is Bear: a handsome Havanese who draws glamorous women into the store with his ridiculously darling face. Whether or not Bear knows it’s a fact that women who love adorable dogs will be floored by the expertly picked items in Clementine’s is unknown, but we like to think he’s aware of the part he plays.

Though it’s not like Clementine’s needs Bear’s help to bring people in. With a past as a national image consultant at Holt Renfrew, Christina has created a gem of a store and filled it perfectly with items any fashion-loving woman would happily spend a day fawning over. With Kelly running day-to-day operations, giving the perfect amount of business edge to the otherwise casual vibe of the store, this is a shop that’s on every woman’s radar – especially those who like to give and get a little dog love while they shop.

Tell us about yourselves:

Kelly:  My mother, Christina McDowell, and I recently opened Clementine’s – a leading luxury resale shop in the Summerhill neighborhood of Toronto. I am Director of Operations and Christina is the Founder and Creative Director.


A bit about your pet:

Bear is a 6 year-old Havanese, and has the best disposition we’ve ever seen. People come into the shop just to play with him. One of our favorite clients brings him treats and takes him for walks; he has that effect on people. He is the official shop greeter.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

We are in the shop most weekends, of course. But luckily Bear can be with us every day! He brings in the most customers – especially when he sits in the window.

Describe your personal style:IMG_8646

Kelly: urban chic/modern hip – white, grey, black basics.

Christina: urban chic.

What inspires you?

People who are true to themselves.

How would you describe the look and feel of your shop?

We are more of an atelier in feel. We want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed — like they would at home. Bear just adds to that.

A story about your pet:

Christina: Kelly came home from university one year and I surprised her with Bear. She thought he was just a tiny stuffed animal, until he started wagging his tail when he saw her. Best friends ever since!

To see more gorgeous items from Clementine’s be sure to follow them on Instagram @ClementinesLuxury.