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Microbrewers in Victoria, B.C. welcome four-legged friends with a dog-friendly brew

By Si Si Penaloza


Having a pint and a savory pie down at your favorite pub is one of life’s simplest pleasures. The one buzzkill? Bronte, your English Bulldog, is shut out of the action. What is the point of simple pleasures if our furry friends can’t join in?

Well a new travel trend for pet owners is about to change everything. Now you can pull up to the Moon Under Water Pub in Victoria, B.C. and order a Creepy Uncle Dunkel, “Pilsner’s creepy uncle,” look on as your boyfriend sticks to his Hip As Funk brew, and smile as Pedro the pug raises his paw for his second dog beer this week. Yep, traveling-with-dog-heaven exists, and it’s in Victoria — as divine a dog friendly a town as the great Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

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Microbrewers in Victoria, B.C. are passionate about craft brewing and sharing their work with visitors to the city, including their four-legged fans. Talk about Hair of the Dog! Suddenly a Milkbone just doesn’t cut it as a Sunday night treat for our best friends. Beer from craft brewpub Moon Under Water has literally gone to the dogs as they merge their love for beer with their passion for pets to create a dog-friendly brew. Two flavors, Beef & Barley Dunkel and Chicken & Peanut Pilsner, are now on offer.

These non-alcoholic drinks with no carbonation or hops contain beef or chicken stock as well as salmon oil and are intended as a special treat rather than a meal replacement, with proceeds assisting local animal charity Broken Promises Animal Rescue. Moon Under Water Brewpub, inspired by George Orwell’s “The Moon Under Water” essay describing his ideal pub – a quiet place, filled with regulars who are there for conversation as much as for drink – is just one great stop along Victoria’s popular Ale Trail of breweries and brewpubs, within easy walking distance from downtown.article-2083958-0F6051D300000578-9_634x795

In Newcastle, UK, there’s zero excuse for Fido to be left behind when owners head for the pub. The Brandling Villa in South Gosforth, Newcastle, has one of the finest pet menus in the county. We come from the school of thinking that traditional pubs should have wooden floors and dogs sprawled out akimbo in front of a crackling fireplace, so we love what this pub has dreamt up to keep dogs happy and engaged. Rather than just offering water to pets on the move, The Brandling Villa decided dogs should join the craft beer revolution too and has started to sell a non-alcoholic beverage for pets. Their menu now includes a special beer for dogs that they keep in the fridge next to their famous brews. How well-mannered is that?

For their food offerings, they’ve designed a menu for dogs based on traditional English dishes – think chicken, sausage and gravy. Their most popular dog specialties include ‘Chicken a la Franc’ – a dog version of chicken chasseur; ‘Eggs Ladybird’ named after a local dog; and for those epicurean breeds who fancy something a little more adventurous, they have Pig Ear Tacos. They even have a Sunday roast smothered in what they dub “cat-flavoured gravy”! Cheeky. Don’t forget the dessert menu and homemade dog chews to go. The guys behind the bar eagerly cater to your dog’s tastes, no matter how eccentric.

The first beer on record especially for dogs was Bowser Beer, made in Phoenix, Arizona, from beef or chicken broth with malt barley. It is of course non-alcoholic, has no carbonation and is also free from hops, which can be toxic for dogs. To serve, the brewers suggest giving it to your pup straight from the bottle, over dried dog food or using a splash to flavor their water bowl.

Summer with your pup just got that much sweeter!