Cait Stewart

Playing around with this actor and George the adorable mutt!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


You know when you walk into someone’s home and you can instantly tell that they’re an artist? Like, this person must have really excelled in junior high art class. They’re probably still in a creative field. There’s a lot of jars arranged in a nice way holding nice looking things you didn’t even know could look nice – like beans and seeds. And there’s an axe above the fireplace – stuff like that. Walking into the home Cait shares with her fiance gives this artistic impression. It’s beautiful but in an eclectic, almost bohemian way and surprise surprise: Cait’s an actor with many artistic hobbies.

Mixed into the artistic ambiance of this gorgeous home is a gorgeous dog named George. He’s new to the family but you’d never know by the way he lopes about the house and cuddles affectionately up to Cait. We love his mutt nature – he’s nothing but pure dog – just seemingly content, warm, friendly and willing to go along with whatever’s happening. In this way George seems a bit artistic himself and if that’s the case, with his matching characteristics to the family he’s a part of, we couldn’t say a nicer thing about this entire troupe.

Tell us about yourself:

I’m an actor who also moonlights as a casting assistant for film/television and as a bartender. I’ve always been a storyteller and working in theater has been a passion of mine since a very young age. As an actor I get to meet and collaborate with all sorts of amazing people and artists, and I feel very lucky when I have the chance to make money doing the thing that I love most. I have the added benefit of having many daytimes free, which lets me explore Toronto’s best parks, restaurants and stores without the craziness of weekend crowds. There’s nothing better than grabbing a coffee and going for a long walk through High Park on a lazy Tuesday afternoon.


A bit about your pet:

George is a 4-month old rescue mutt. We were told he’s a boxer/lab mix, but we hear whippet all the time, and he’s probably a mix of four or five other breeds too. We decided to get George after about a year of chatting about wanting to bring a pup into our lives. I grew up with dogs and knew I wanted to find a rescue that needed a good home. After a long search and a visit to meet him, we knew George was perfect for us! He’s active and playful, but also a major fan of the couch cuddle. My partner Laurent and I are also really social and love hanging out with friends, which is great because George is an attention-hog and is happiest surrounded by people.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

We’re huge fans of heading to the Toronto Islands on the weekend with our pals and their dogs and babies. We’re also really into camping and have George’s first canoe trip planned for August! We’ve been practising his canoeing skills at friends’ cottages. So far he’s doing well, but hasn’t mastered his j-stroke yet…

Describe your personal style:

My style ranges from super casual and comfortable to feminine and classic. You’re as likely to find me in an old pair of ripped jeans and an old tank top as you are in a vintage sundress and heels.


How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

It’s a real mix between eclectic-modern and a cottage-in-the-city vibe. The walls are mostly decorated with old family photos, my grandfather’s needlepoints and illustrations done by friends, and I made a lot of the wooden pieces, like the bar shelves, bench and bookcases myself. Our house is primarily furnished by things donated to us by parents and grandparents, which means we have a real 70’s meets 40’s vibe, and it’s all very personal to us.

What inspires you?

My mum inspires me most. She passed away when I was in high school, but was the most loving, generous, intelligent and passionate person I’ve ever met. I strive to be even half the woman she was, and I am so lucky to have had her as a mom.

A story about George:

George has only been with us a couple of months, so every day tells a new story about the dog he’s growing up to be!  I would say that one thing that stands out to me is his sensitivity to how Laurent and I are feeling. One day we were joking around teasing each other about something and I pretended to cry. George leapt over to me, crawled up on my lap, and licked my face, whimpering. It was really, really sweet, even though I was clearly faking it. What a pup.