Social Pets – Rescue Pets of Instagram

The place to get the warm and fuzzy feels

By Jon Nelson


Instagram is where we go when we need to zone out for a minute and take our mind off of everything else going on in our lives. We try to follow as many uplifting accounts as possible and as dog people; we can’t do much better than @RescuePetsOfInstagram.

Stories are submitted by pet owners who have adopted their pets from shelters across North America. Each post tells a bit about the dog or cat and how they came to find their forever homes. Here and there you’ll shed a tear of happiness but it’s worth it for the constant warm and fuzzy feels this account provides.

As a bonus, most stories tag or make mention of the animal shelter that temporarily housed and in many cases saved the pets at hand, raising awareness for the shelter and the work they do and hopefully leading to more rescue stories.

Story submissions are re-opening in early August so if you have a rescue pet with a story to share, be sure to keep your eye on their Instagram page!

Here are just a few of our favorite rescues: