What Your Breed of Cat Says About You

An unscientific look at cat breeds and the people who own them

By Jon Nelson


American Shorthair

You’re hard-working and loyal to your family. You’re quick to show pleasure or lash out when annoyed. You have a lot of friends, but you don’t really like any of them for any length of time. You love to sleep and love to eat – your reward for a hard day of work. You’re not really interested in a love life, but might enjoy having many friends with occasional “benefits.” You also love to be caressed but will mess someone up for touching any part of you without permission or for too long a time.


You’re overly affectionate and may drive some people away with a constant need for hugs and kisses. You love dressing warm and don’t mind the colder months when you can hide your winter weight under a stylish coat. When it comes to love, you’re all about finding the one who will give you the never-ending affection you need. Sometimes when you’re nervous you eat your own hair and then barf. Such is life.

The Hairless Sphinx

You love being the center of attention and will do whatever it takes to win over the room. You always get what you want, using your looks and seduction techniques to their maximum potential. You’re loyal in any relationship, but possessive in return – you demand to know you’re the only one in your lover’s life. Your grooming techniques borderline obsessive compulsive disorder and everyone at Waxon Waxbar knows you by name.

Maine Coon

You can handle anything life throws your way and would prefer to lead than be led. You’re into having a family, but not until you’ve conquered every goal you’ve set for yourself. You’re a bit wild, love to travel and can be found deep in the wilderness on weekends. In your sex life, you’re a boss in the bedroom; but for all your aggression, you can be a sensitive pussycat too. You’re into big, frilly accessories and like to shake them in people’s faces when they’re not paying attention to you.


You’re active and playful with a full social calendar. If you’re not out on the town, you’re hosting a backyard get-together with close friends. You love to spend time in the bathroom “grooming” and might be labeled high maintenance. When it comes to love, you can’t be held down by anyone and prefer a casual evening that meets your needs — but that lets you wake up in your own bed if you so choose.


You’re always on the move with tons of hobbies and activities. You’re athletic and a natural at most sports and games. With all this skill and the body that come with it, you’d think you’d spend a bit of time getting affectionate with all those you attract, but not so! You’re so into yourself that taking on a partner just isn’t your style — which is fine, who can do you better than you, right?