5 Reasons to Take Your Dog to the Groomer Between Seasons

Reminders from a top dog groomer

By Gayl Board


Gayl Board has been working in the dog grooming industry for 35+ years. She only makes house calls and her primary clients live in Manhattan, mostly on Park Ave. Current and past clients include Liza Minnelli, Adrieanne Vittadini, The Prince and Princess of Greece and many more high society in NYC. Quest magazine, in their “Best of the Best” issue named Gayl the best home groomer in the city.

1. Spring Cleaning

Even if you don’t have a dog with hair that needs regular grooming like a Poodle or Schnauzer, getting them seen by a professional a few times a year is good practice. A bath, nail trimming and ear cleaning always makes a dog feel great. At the start of Spring, it’s great to get all that extra hair cleaned out from the winter, check them over for lumps and bumps and give them a bath and brushing to make their coats shine.

2. Summer Fresh

Starting out the summer with a haircut is the way to go. Even a short hair dog like a Lab should get a nice cut for the summer. Dog hair can do one thing at a time: grow or shed. With all the travel you’ll do with your dog in the summer, moving from the house to the car to the cottage and back again, it’s nice not to have hair all over!

3. Fall Forward

As summer wraps up, it’s time to get to the groomer for a good bath and a body check. You want to make sure there aren’t any ticks or fleas lurking. A good trim and a once over to make sure there is nothing brewing such as an ear infection from swimming is good practice.

4. Winter What-To-Do

Winter is the shedding season. At the start of winter it’s great to get out all that hair that will be coming out in clumps so the winter coat can come in thicker. Your dog will be much happier and less itchy for those long, cold days and you’ll be less likely to clog your vacuum cleaner!

5. All season reminder

Remember that next to regular vet visits, your groomer is your best defense in your pet’s health. They are often the first ones to spot a little problem before it becomes a big one. Keeping pets clean, brushed and trimmed will make them feel better and improve their overall health!