Redemption Puppies

Office visits with Nicole Simone & Puppies!

By Jon Nelson


We got to know Nicole Simone a few months back when we first learned about Redemption Dogs and absolutely had to feature the great program. Since then, she’s been featured for Doggy Style and we’ve continued to be in touch as she continues to create new ways to help dogs and educate the public on the benefits of adopting.

Her most recent endeavor, Redemption Puppies, brings joy to groups of office employees when Nicole and her team roll in with rescued pups. Companies can sign up for a puppy visit by making a minimum donation to the adoption service Nicole has partnered with.


When we recently toured with her team to a couple downtown Toronto offices, puppies came from the Moosonee Puppy Rescue. Two adorable northern Ontario Husky mutts couldn’t be happier to laze around in an air-conditioned conference room on a hot summer day while a couple dozen employees fawned over them. People who fall in love and want to get to know the puppies more can contact the Puppy Rescue service directly to set up a personal visit for them and their families.

The adoptable dogs get socialization, adoption exposure and raise funds for their rescue. It’s a treat for the office and Nicole provides education on the plight of homeless dogs. Redemption Puppies last two-day visit, sponsored by All Good Dog Food, raised close to $1,700 and both touring puppies were later adopted. One adult dog from the same rescue, who was not present, was adopted as a result of the event.

Redemption Puppies is the perfect way to educate people about the benefits of adoption while being a fantastic way to boost company morale and bring everyone together for something completely removed from the workday.

Visit the Redemption Puppies site to learn more about puppy visits. We recommend booking one for your office today!