A Kitten Rescue Story

Alana & Ash team up to find rescued kittens a good home

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


In a bit of a divergence from our regular Doggy Style features, we visited a home where two fresh kittens had a short stay with a couple animal lovers and temporary dog-mom named Burger. Ashley answered a post on Kijiji listed by Alana, an environmental activist and animal lover who had rescued them with a friend from an industrial shed they had been sleeping in. Alone and scared, the kittens were in bad shape but after a visit to the vet and a few days with Alana, they were doing a bit better and seemed well enough to find a forever home.

Ash paints beautifully nostalgic snacks that remind us of childhood (check out Snack Paintings). Her dog, Burger, was accepting and instantly motherly towards the little cats. We were lucky enough to visit them (along with Alana) so that they could tell the story of the kittens and hopefully build some awareness around animal rescue.

As Alana outlines below, the kittens were much too young to live without a mother for such a lengthy time and unfortunately began to show the symptoms of their endeavor and had to be surrendered to the SPCA to get the attention they needed shortly after our photoshoot. Wherever they are, we wish them the best and we’re glad we were able to capture their short stay with these loving people.

A bit about yourself:IMG_0448(2)

I am an environmental artist who loves to be outdoors exploring beautiful scenery and connecting with wildlife. Through my organization, Green vs. Grey, I raise awareness about environmental concerns through art events. I would love to put all these events together to create a festival which will showcase artists and organizations in different parts of the world who are doing great things for our planet.

My passion for animals is strong and I rescue kittens because it hurts me to see animals neglected and abandoned. I would love to open a cat cafe where people can interact with them and eventually adopt a rescue cat as a new family member.

About the kittens:

I rescued the kittens from an industrial area in Toronto. They were sleeping in a shed and one night a storm brought lots of rain water into it. A friend of mine brought them to my house to get cleaned up and to eat. I posted an ad online and connected with Ashley. I made sure she was aware that I had brought them to the vet a few days before to get round worm medication.

Why animal rescue is important:

Animal rescue is so important because we have domesticated cats for our own pleasure and it is now our responsibility to take care of them. There are so many irresponsible, careless people who do not spay or neuter their pets, or who don’t want to take care of them anymore and so they either drop them off for adoption when they are too old or they desert them altogether. Animal rescue is not only important for animals, but for ourselves too, because it demonstrates how everything is connected and that we are essentially living as one. If we heal those who suffer, we heal ourselves too, by being decent human beings and showing compassion.

Status of the kittens now:

While the kittens are getting better, they needed more medical attention than Ashley or I could provide, so we brought them to the Humane Society. We hope they find good homes and receive the love they deserve.