Social Pets – Bearcoat Tonkey

Get all the fluffy feels from this Shar Pei Instagram star!

By Patrick Cullen


You know that crazy cute breed of dog that looks like someone poured out some pancake batter and stuck a wrinkly face on it — otherwise known as Shar Peis? Well it turns out there’s a rare variation of the breed called the bear-coat Shar Pei. I’d be willing to guess that not too long ago, there weren’t many people who knew about these dogs – but all that has changed with the emergence of 4 month-old Instagram sensation @bearcoat_tonkey.

Even Tonkey’s owners, Christine Park and David Ngu (who run Edmonton-based development company Swish Developments) weren’t aware of bear-coat Shar Peis until they began researching the breed to adopt. When they learned there was a litter being born in Raymond, AB, they traveled 500 km to have their pick of the new puppies. They immediately fell in love with Tonkey’s adorable personality and her eye-catching tail, which they say never stops wagging even when she knows she’s in trouble. Her ever-active tail can be seen in some of her posts on Instagram.

Despite having been on the social media circuit for less than three months, Tonkey has attracted 232k followers. Even national media outlets, like TIME, The Today Show, and US Weekly, have all expressed interest in showing Tonkey off to a wider audience. And it’s easy to see why. One look at her squishy face and you can’t help but smile. Check her out and give her a follow to add a frequent dose of cuteness to your feed. She also has a Twitter page here.