9 Things Dogs Hate About Back to School Season

The family dog’s not sure why, but he really dislikes this thing called “school”

By Jon Nelson


Dogs who live in a family with kids have it tough when school starts up again. Summer is their favorite time of year, with kids around for extra attention, play time, lazy days, and if those kids are teenagers, late night hangouts on those warm summer evenings.

Here is a list of things dogs struggle to adjust to when a new school season begins:

Dogs in families with kindergarteners:

 1. No more scheduled nap time

Dogs with young children get used to a routine that involves naps. Though they might rise early to start the day, mid morning and afternoon naps are things they learn to love.

2. The lack of constant snacks

Little kids love to drop food on the floor and make messes that the family dog is only too happy to help clean up. When their family’s children are out of the house for a lot of the day, the family dog finds he’s suddenly fitter and healthier but you can guarantee he mourns the lack of constant extra treats.

Dogs in families with elementary students:Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.20.57 AM

3. Less playtime

Sure, the kids might have been away at camp for a week or two during the summer, but overall they were around a lot more. There was so much action in the summer, with water fights in the backyard and weekend trips to the lake. Sadly, the fun times and carefree days are gone now that school is back on.

4. Less responsibility

Dogs have a sense of responsibility for young kids during summer days. They’re lifeguards by the pool and safety guardians for all the kids playing on the street. They know it, they love it, and they miss the role they play when the kids go off to be supervised at school.

Dogs in families with high school kids:

5. No more secrets to keep

Who gets to find out about a teenager’s first love before anyone else in the family? The dog does! He’s a great listener and even better secret keeper. But when school’s back on, late night conversations are held via text messages to best friends and the family dog is suddenly out of the gossip loop.

6. Classified missions disappear

“Walking the dog” is a teenager’s perfect cover for things like trying cigarettes for the first time or taking sips of beer with friends in the park. The dog was privy to such endeavors in the summer and he really liked being a part of the cool crowd.

Dogs in families with kids going off to college:

7. Best friends leave

The dog’s not sure why, but a member of the family he was quite fond of doesn’t live in the house anymore. It’s exciting when that kid comes home for a holiday, but he looks and smells different and the dog can’t quite makes sense of it.

8. Late night eating sessions are gone

When that young person was home for the summer, he often came home late smelling a bit like a skunk and giggling quietly at nothing in particular. In these times, the fridge would open and that young person consumed an endless amount of food that the dog was lucky to share.

9. Everybody’s suddenly older

He’s not sure why, but when that young person left the house, everybody suddenly seemed to look older. The parents seemed to slow down and the dog can feel his hips starting to creak. When that young person comes home to visit, he doesn’t look so young anymore and he talks to the dog in a calmer, quieter way, maybe because the dog isn’t as keen to run to the door and jump up to say hello. But it sure is nice to have a family to grow old with, even if this thing called “school” interferes with the dog’s favorite stuff.