5 Reasons to Celebrate Everything and Nothing With Your Dog

A reminder of why dogs are the absolute best and you should party with them

By Jon Nelson


Dogs are the absolute best for many reasons. One simple reason – they reflect our mood. Try this: For no reason at all,  just start celebrating. Jump up like you’ve received great news, dance, laugh, leap as high as you can in the air… your dog will join you. The best part? It’ll make you feel great whether you have a reason to feel great or not.

Here’s 5 reasons to celebrate everything or absolutely nothing with your dog…

1. They’re always ready to party

Have nothing to celebrate but feel like having a good time anyway? Just get up and yell “hooray!” You dog will start barking and likely run around in circles out of pure excitement. If you’re really feeling crazy, break out the ice cream, cake, and treats for your dog – he won’t know why it’s a special occasion but you don’t have to give him a reason!

2. They’re great secret keepersScreen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.14.20 AM

Celebrating something you’re not ready to tell any family or friends? Celebrate with your dog! They can’t tell anyone and you’ll get all the joy of dancing around the room with a best buddy. See 7 other secrets you can tell your dog.

3. It tires them out

Have a dog that has excess energy? Celebrate more! All of the running and jumping will help them get ready for bedtime.

4. They’ll clean up the mess

Got too excited and knocked over that bowl of chips? Your dog’s on it and for him it’s just more reason to celebrate.

5. They’ll be there if what you’re celebrating doesn’t work out

Just as easy as they get excited with you, they’re there to lick your face and lay in your lap if you suffer a let down.