Style in the City: Silicon Valley

The fast-moving style of the Silicon Valley male

By Nicole Simone


In Silicon Valley, things move quickly and the style definitely keeps up. We’d describe the fashion scene in two words: simplicity and  flare. From Mark Zuckerberg to Jack Dorsey, style means looking good without spending a lot of time on it – especially when you have a multi-billion dollar company on the go. Billionaires make a lot of decisions everyday, and they don’t want to waste brainpower on their wardrobe.

The world’s leading coders like to keep it simple and comfy – Puma tennis shoes, a good hoodie and a simple grey t-shirt (as often displayed by Zuckerberg). Jack Dorsey seems to never be without a white collared shirt and an excellent blazer. No outfit is ever complete without a designer band to match your Apple watch and keeping track of your dog via an app makes Fitbark perfect for the Silicon Valley dog owner. From luxurious shoes to comfy sneakers, tech leaders can balance office life with a jaunt to a local winery.

Check out the gallery below for some fashion and lifestyle choices that you are bound to find in Silicon Valley. Click on the images for more info and a direct link to purchase.