The Queen and Her Corgis

Celebrating the longest-reigning UK monarch and her love for Corgis

By Jon Nelson


Photo credit: BBC

With the 89 year-old Queen becoming the longest-reigning UK monarch, we think it’s only fitting to celebrate this sophisticated yet sassy woman alongside her favorite breed of dog.

Queen Elizabeth II has been reigning for 63 years and 7 months; a long time to hold such a significant position and serve through so many crucial changes in the world. One thing that hasn’t changed in all this time: her love of Corgis.

Known for their friendliness and loyalty, Corgis have been closely associated with Windsor Castle for decades. At one time, the Queen herself oversaw a kennel of Corgis and a breeding program. Though none were ever sold (no doubt many people wished to purchase one), they have been given as gifts to esteemed individuals throughout the Queen’s reign.

The Queen’s dogs have become a symbol of her personal, softer side. It’s well known that she feeds them herself when possible and takes them on daily walks. They’ve appeared in countless portraits and were recently by her side for a special appearance during the Olympics. A popular holiday gift last year after appearing in royal family Christmas photos, stuffed Corgis were even available in the palace gift shop.

Today, Queen Elizabeth II has just two remaining Corgis: Holly and Willow. Like the Queen, they’re in their twilight years and as such are wise, beautiful, and full of a lifetime of personality. We hope that together with the Queen, they remain full of grace, sophistication and humble warmth for many years to come.