Style in the City: Portland’s Pearl District

The never-boring style of men in Portland’s Pearl District

By Nicole Simone


Portland is a place that takes pride in handcrafted goodness. Recycle, reduce, reuse — just like they taught you in school. Portland embodies that mantra, and it’s just one of the many things that helps keep Portland weird. You don’t have to look too hard to find fun and funky homemade gems. A bottle opener made out of recycled skateboard decks. Wooden cufflinks crafted to depict the famous Portland St. John’s bridge. Printed T­-shirts and body bags made from old bicycle parts. You can’t get more environmentally aware than Portland.

Outside of fashion, people in Portland are passionate about food and coffee. Barista is a famous coffee spot offering the best brewed beans in the Portland district. Tilt, a restaurant that gives you a towel because it’s food is so messy, specializes in anti-­granola culture: greasy burgers and fried chicken. There are plenty of parks where you can take your dog to play and socialize, and most eateries will let you tie up your dog outside and share a meal on a bench with your friend. Portland is a changing city that will always be defined by its weird little details and hip, eclectic neighborhoods.

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