All Good Dog Food

A day at Chateau Cooper with Jon, Jonny and one very healthy dog

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


A little while ago during a team meeting, our founder brought along a recently delivered meal from All Good Dog Food. It smelled so good, it was hard for us not to taste it. We were instantly compelled to meet the owner and check out this company a little more in-depth.

After a visit to their new storefront at Vaughan and St. Clair in Toronto and the realization that company founder, Jonny Cooper, has an incredibly photogenic white German Shepherd, it was decided that we’d take a ride up to Chateau Cooper in Collingwood for steak sandwiches and a Doggy Style feature photoshoot.

The family vacation home is a delight on the eyes. Not just because it’s a gorgeous piece of property, but because the family has let it become a wonderful museum of memories. Collections (oh, the collections) are everywhere and Jonny has stories upon stories to match up with displays, artwork and even his young stardom in a Colgate advertisement. Just check out the images below for a taste of what we’re talking about.

There are a lot of reasons why you should give All Good Dog Food a try. An insider tip: If you visit them at their new flagship store, you’ll walk away with free samples. They’re reasoning (we couldn’t agree more) is that once your dog tries their food, you’ll both be hooked.  Meals are literally fit for human consumption, though tailored to a dog’s taste. Add in home delivery (yup!) and you’re likely to never go back to your old dog food again.

Here’s Jonny to tell you a bit more about All Good Dog Food, his partner Jon, and an entrepreneur’s lifestyle:

Tell us about yourself:

I love my job. Being a serial entrepreneur is an amazing thing! I love taking businesses from concept to reality. I’m very hands-on with all aspects of my businesses, from dog food production, to protein procurement, to design. Developing the entire All Good concept was really an amazing thing. I woke up one morning and said “Let’s do something great for dogs!” Within six months we had researched and designed the diets, the retail concept, the branding, and the marketing strategies. I also oversaw the manufacturing facility build-out and concurrently the retail store build.

The whole All Good Dog Food is a labor of love. I love what I do, who I meet, who I work with, and relish in the fact that we’re doing great new things in animal nutrition. It’s also so meaningful for me to be able to educate dog owners that they can do better for their dogs than to blindly trust some of the commercially available dry dog foods. And we see it in the customers who now swear by our fresh-cooked diets and come back week after week and tell us about the improvements they’ve noticed in their furry best friends!


A bit about your pet:

Our pet’s name is Dash. He is a purebred White German Shepherd. Growing up as a kid, I always wanted a white wolf dog, and I begged my parents for one as a kid. Their response was always, “but you have a little brother!” Jon (Tuttle) has been a dog person since he was a child, and when we started dating he convinced me that one of the only things we were missing was a dog! When we decided that we were going to get a dog, I did a whole bunch of research on dog breeds and decided that for my first dog I didn’t really want a “wolf dog,” but I wanted a dog as unique as me. A German Shepherd seemed a natural fit;  stubborn, intelligent, loving, protective of those close to them, and they shed A LOT, so naturally we had everything in common. And since I went gray at a young age, we figured why not get one in white?!

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Both Jon and myself lead quiet lives outside of work.  We love going for long hikes, spending days at the beach or spending days at home just hanging with Dashy (as he is affectionately known). We can often be found at our escape up north hanging in the backyard, or going for long hikes along the Bruce Trail.

Describe your personal style:

My style is very comfortable.  I’ve never been a fashionista, which is why I started the PolarPiece clothing line. We make onesies for adults, as well as sweat wear!  But for the most part I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt – in the fall and winter I add a flannel button-up on top of that. If I’m feeling really wild that is.

Jon is a little more refined; he’s very into looking “put together” and stylish. We complement each other, because I can be very silly in my style and he’s quite a bit more refined.


What inspires you?

My family is a big source of inspiration. My grandfather, Sydney, was institutional in a lot of historical Canadian infrastructure projects and he’s been a wonderful person, role model and philanthropist. I have big shoes to fill. My father has also been a constant source of inspiration. He is a business leader in his field, and sits on countless boards, from hospitals to unique large businesses. He has always managed family, business, and his fun hobbies really well and it’s really inspiring to see. My family’s sense of community struck a chord with me at a young age, and that is what we are trying to build into our All Good Dog Food brand, and in almost everything we do.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

We are at my family’s country home in Collingwood. My mother had a real hand in its construction and decoration and I’d say it’s very homey/arts and crafts in style with a very European flare. It’s comfortable like me, but also refined like Jon, which is why we like to spend so much time there!

A story about your pet:

I can’t think of one specific thing about our relationship that stands out in my memory.  Dash, Jon and myself do almost everything together and he’s a huge part of our family! Each and every morning he jumps on our bed and lays in between us until we get up for our morning routine. He is sweet, kind and mindful all the time and that really is the foundation of our relationship. He doesn’t require very much, but gives us so much in return, and that’s the inspiration behind All Good Dog Food. We wanted to do the very best for him we could, because he gives 110% for us always.