Cory Lee

A day in the park with the multi-talented singer-songwriter/actress & pup Quincy Bonez

By the Get Leashed Celebrity Squad


Cory Lee is a “sactress.” WTF is that, you ask? We like to think it means sassy actress, because she’s got a lot of sass. But if you know Cory, you know she’s actually a singer and an actress, so the “sactress” title works on multiple levels.

A self-proclaimed shopaholic, into fresh looks and the freshest gear, Cory Lee puts it together with a perfect mix of street, vintage, and sophisticated style. For our walk in the park, her Nike kicks were on-point, comfortable and stylish; a true tell of a fashion lover, able to dress for the occasion but still look cute as hell.

Though she came up in Vancouver, she made the move to Toronto for the work and the goings-ons, and soon landed a couple roles on some hit Canadian TV shows. She’s a star in front of the camera, able to wax poetic about anything and everything. But she has the most to say about her true love: a long-haired Chihuahua named Quincy Bonez.

The pup with the sexy ear hair trots along happily behind Cory on walks through High Park — their neighborhood stomping ground and massive sprawl of nature tucked inside the West end of Toronto.. He’s got as much style and flair as Cory does, with an effortless cool appearance and a face that looks like he’s constantly enjoying the moment he’s in. His Instagram page states he’s a “legend in the dog world” and it’s not hard to see why.

Living in a big city can make you crave wilderness, but having a dog will push you to get out and find it. Luckily, Cory and her partner, along with Quincy Bonez, live close by an area that caters to active individuals. When she’s not walking the dog through the park, she’s running – her favorite thing to do “because it allows you to eat what you want.”

With a fashion and style blog that will be your new favorite thing on the Internet, and an album set to drop this year, Cory Lee is a dog-lover who’s always got things on the go and someone you’ll want to keep an eye on in the future!