The 12 Most Fashionable Dogs on Instagram

Celebrating fashion season with the most stylish canines in the dog world

By Laura Iaccino


Having a strong social media influence is absolutely imperative in the fashion world; if you don’t have followers, you’re nobody. All the top names in fashion know how to promote themselves at every turn — but did you know that some of those top names aren’t even human? That’s right, dogs are the new black when it comes to having a fashionable online presence. Here we’ve collected a list of a dozen of the most fashion-forward pooches around. Whether they rose to fame thanks to their humans, or did it all on their own – these pups would certainly get a lot of attention on any cat-walk.


Sparkles is a 5 year-old Shih Tzu who clearly has a passion for fashion, and is always ready for the camera. With almost 30K followers, her wide range of looks is surely the envy of the canine fashion world.



Anyone who’s anyone knows Toast. She’s been in magazines, on TV, and in countless promotions online and off. She’s also owned by the comedian, The Fat Jewish.



Giggy is most well-known for being on Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. He suffers from alopecia, which causes him to lose most of his fur, but his owner, Lisa Vanderpump, found the silver lining in the situation and provides him with countless super-fashionable jackets and sweaters to keep him warm and stylin’!



Chloe, the Mini Frenchie, is a total jet-setter! She’s worked with big names such as Martha Stewart, Budweiser, Barney’s, and The Tony Awards, just to name a few.


Neville Jacobs

Neville belongs to fashion icon, Marc Jacobs, so it should be no surprise that he’s on our list. When he’s not hanging out with models and celebs, he’s rocking a beautiful shirt/tie combo or looking casually cool in a signature hoodie.



Charlie is Neville’s BFF; they’re always seen walking around New York, or taking part in photo shoots. They have similar style but nobody’s complaining when their pictures are this adorable!


Bodhi (Menswear Dog)

No dog plays dress-up with more earnest style than Bodhi, the Shiba Inu. And that’s because, well, he looks like a G. As it says on his Tumblr, this Shiba’s got “steez in need of noticing.”



Poppy is no stranger to the big time. After all, Giancarlo Gaimmetti, honorary president of Valentino Fashion House is her dad!



Pepper is pretty lucky. She belongs to DKNY’s Jenna Blackwell and Four Pins’ Lawrence Schlossman. Talk about a power trio!


Porkchop & Cornelius

Well OF COURSE you’d be living the posh, eclectic life like Porkchop & Cornelius if your owner were Fashion Designer, Professor and Style Expert, Rob Younkers!



Marni gets a double dose of fun being around Calli & Sam Beckerman all day!



Remy keeps busy competing with the hectic life of her mom, Cristina Velocci Hochkeppel, Managing Editor of  StyleCaster.