Style in the City: Portland’s Pearl District

Sensibly classic & fashionable women in Pearl District, Portland

By Nicole Simone


Portland likes to keep it weird. Or so that’s what the brochure would tell you. The Pearl District, located in central Portland, offers a variety of cool granola eateries, top-notch coffee houses, and locally sourced shops.

Portland fashion has a way of taking simple classics and making them something more. From eccentric black dresses to classic jean jackets; the trick to Portland style is not to over do it. This isn’t a high-fashion city, but people do take a lot of pride in what they wear. It’s about the weird little details with vintage flare.

Home to the most dog parks per any city in America, there is ample space to let your dog run and socialize. Put on a printed t-shirt with a jean jacket, some great jewellery and prepare to take it easy and keep it weird in Portland.