Katrin & AJ

Get warm & cozy with this little fam in their always-cottage

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


You know how sometimes you’ll see a dog and think: That dog has as good life. He’s doing just what a dog’s supposed to do and he’s super happy about it. It makes you feel good, right?

AJ and Katrin have given this life to not one but two pups. Vastly different in looks and energy levels, Levon and Bellamie get to enjoy the best of being  dogs because their parents have made a wonderful little life in Guelph, Ontario – which might just be our new favorite dog-friendly town.

Between playing with an abundance of scrap wood (AJ is a contractor with a wood shop in the garage), these dogs get to lounge by a wood-stove, stroll through the countryside, and enjoy everything a farm town has to offer.

Katrin and AJ tell us a bit more about their lifestyle and gorgeous dogs…

Please tell us about yourselves:

We both do very practical and creative work and feel lucky to be able to both work in jobs we love. AJ is an entrepreneur and contractor who specializes in home renovations, wood-working, and repurposing found materials. Katrin is a community-based researcher and consultant working in conflict mediation, social justice, and capacity development. Music is also a central part of our life – AJ plays with Cuff the Duke (Toronto & Hamilton), Odd Years (Guelph), and Minotaurs (Guelph). Katrin plays in Let’s Just Be Friends (Guelph). And we’ve recently started a band together called Part & Parcel!


A bit about your pets:

Both of our pups are rescues and mixed breeds. We think Levon (our sweet, sensitive brown dog) is a cross between a hound, shepherd, lab, and Weimaraner. Bellamie (our energetic and intuitive speckled dog) is a red heeler/collie cross. Our dogs are polar opposites and their personalities round out our family. They both have hearts of gold and are the best things that have ever happened to us.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Our ideal weekend means waking up around 9 am, lighting a fire and brewing a fresh pot of coffee. We usually hit up some garage sales, the antique market or thrift stores to find unique additions to our home, and then head to the market for groceries. In the afternoon we take the dogs out for a long hike and swim (Bellamie will swim as long as the ice has melted!) to one of the many beautiful hiking spots in Guelph and surrounding areas. In the evenings we’ll cook a good meal together, or head to one of our favourite brew pubs, restaurants or bars. There’s usually a show or music of some sort involved too.

Describe your personal style:

Both our personal styles are comfortable, classic and simple.

What inspires you?

What inspires us is waking up every day, excited for what the day has to offer and knowing that we’ve got a great family, a wonderful community and a warm home.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Vintage, cozy, cottage-y and every item in it tells a story. It’s our always-cottage.

A story about your pets:

During any thunderstorm Levon becomes nervous and cuddles up to us, thinking he’s a lap dog. We put on his Thunder Coat and calm him down. Eventually he calms down and falls asleep squished between us on the bed. Meanwhile, during thunderstorms, Bellamie becomes protective and barks at the thunder to “go away.” She stays by our side, checking on Levon. Eventually she also falls asleep and, somehow, the four of us squeeze on the bed.