Style in the City: Wicker Park, Chicago

The ready-for-anything style of male dog owners in Wicker Park, Chicago

By Nicole Simone


Photo credit: Robert Martinez / CC

Ranked as the #4 hippest neighborhood in America by Forbes Magazine, Wicker Park is to Chicago what Brooklyn is to New York City. Located on the edge of the Midwest, the style in this neighborhood is casual but still ready to hit up an event at a moment’s notice. While Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza, Wicker Park stands out for its breweries and thin crust, something you can get at local eatery, Piece Brewery. On the other hand, Big Star offers some hipster Mexican charm with a large patio where dogs are welcome.

Speaking of dogs, Wicker Park offers lots of off-leash dog areas and some contemporary takes on canine fashion. For the Wicker Park gent, there are many local stores that focus on quality clothing labels to match the community’s laid-back style. Wooden watches, denim shoes, Herringbone shirts and leather backpacks are some of the essential pieces for the living it up in this neighborhood.