8 Reasons Having a Cat Is Better than Having a Boyfriend

No boyfriend? No problem! Cats are way better companions

By Jon Nelson


1. They’re cleaner

They give themselves a bath at least once a day and never stink. Not so for a boyfriend.

2. They cuddle

A cat can spend a whole evening curled up in your lap or purring beside you in bed. A boyfriend cuddles like a shark hunts: Get in and get out.

3. They’re into what you’re into

Sleeping? Cats love doing that with you. Yoga? They’re right there with you on the mat. Eating tuna right from the can because you’re too lazy to cook? Well, that’s only your cat’s favorite thing ever. The list goes on!

4. You know where they areScreen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.17.22 AM

You never have to worry when it’s Friday night and you haven’t heard from your cat. Your cat is definitely not stepping out on you. In fact, he’s probably curled up waiting for you in bed.

5. They’re never jealous

You can talk all you want about how smart the new guy at work is or how fit your personal trainer is and your cat won’t ask any questions. Ever.

6. They’re great listeners

Had a bad day? Spill your emotions to your cat. They’re great listeners and won’t offer any dumb advice.

7. They’d rather you’re dressed comfortably

Had a long day at the office and just want to watch some Netflix in your tracksuit? Your cat’s so into that – the baggier the better!

8. You don’t have to watch action movies

Your cat is definitely into watching episodes of Sex and the City or Downton Abbey and will never try to convince you that Die Hard is one of the best movies of your generation.