Style in the City: Wicker Park, Chicago

The charming & original style of women and pups in Wicker Park, Chicago

By Nicole Simone


Known as one of the hippest hipster neighborhoods in the US (Forbes 2012), Wicker Park has a subtle charm that can’t help but attract the young and well employed to the area. Make no mistake, it’s the artists that create the essence and off-the-wall cool vibe of the neighborhood, but like any gentrified hotspot, the artists come and go while the income-to-burn individuals keep the bars, restaurants and storefronts ticking.

Women’s style is a mix of work and play. Clothes that can take a gal from the office to the bar are what will get the most life out of her wardrobe. Four seasons are represented in Chicago and so layers are a must – though they should be versatile and hip to the times. Baggy sweaters and athletic wear may cut it sometimes, but Wicker Park is an area where the young and eligible thrive, so even dressing for a walk with the dog is something to put some thought into.

Dogs are of course the best accessories a girl can own but in Wicker Park they’re adorned with something to catch the eye. Don’t look past a bit of humor or city pride when choosing dog collars, leads or even toys. While some hip cities dress the dog better than the owner, it’s the person that dresses up more than the pup in this town!