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Let this 70lb pig named Earl win his way into your heart

By Jon Nelson


Until now, our social pets features have consisted of dogs and cats. This is the moment, however, when we break it wide open. Earl is a special pig with three special ladies looking out for him. The Dawson sisters wanted a unique pet and accomplished this by adopting one amazing and adorable piglet. Two years later, he’s a full grown hog with a huge personality.

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Jennifer Dawson and Earl recently shared a birthday and we couldn’t help but like every Instagram photo that came out of the event. You can tell how happy Earl is, whether he’s eating cake on his big day or just sharing time with people that love him – he’s smiling. So here’s to Earl, the lucky pig and the super cool people (and dogs) that have made him part of their family.

We had a couple questions that Jennifer was gracious enough to answer. Read on to learn more about life with a pig as a pet!

How did Earl come into your lives?

My sisters and I adopted Earl 2 years ago and have never looked back.  When we first held him he was as light as a feather and the cutest little piglet you ever did see.  He is now a whopping 70lbs and that only means that there is more of him to love.

What has he taught you about animals that you didn’t know?

Animals, namely piglets are incredibly intelligent creatures.  I have never known a pet that is so smart. Earl has the ability to open cupboards, and has recently developed the talent of opening gates.  He will do anything for food and his snout leads him on great adventures.  I’ll never forget the day that Earl discovered the flour cupboard.  He had flour from one end of the house to the next and all over his snout.  He looked so guilty and yet it was impossible to be mad at him.

Do you have a story that sticks with you as something that sums up your relationship?

Mini pigs main goals in life are to eat, sleep, cuddle and repeat.  That pretty much sums up our relationship with Earl. He is easy to love and with six siblings he is never short of cuddles.  We also have 3 other dogs and somehow Earl has earned the role of King of the Castle.

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