Devon Collins

Get to know this personal trainer, her adorable fam, and Louie the Morkie

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Devon Collins

Dogs make a family. They’re play buddies to the kids, companions to the adults, and cared for by everyone. Louie, Devon Collins’ family dog, is no exception. The adorable Morkie is the pride and joy of their squad. Max and Paige were happy to pose for us, but what they really wanted to do was show off how photogenic their dog is. Louie didn’t disappoint. He’s a furry ball of energy and joy but when the camera’s on him, he turns into a professional dog model.

Devon tells you a bit more about what she’s into and how integral a little 5lb dog is to her family’s happiness…

Please tell us about yourself:

I work as a freelance personal trainer and holistic nutritionist throughout the downtown core of the city.  I started my journey in the fitness industry at 15 teaching kickboxing. It really inspired my passion for helping people live a fit and healthy lifestyle which is why i love what i do. Its a very rewarding career.  I’m also a busy mom!


A bit about your pet:

My dog’s name is Louie,  a 1 yr old Morkie.  He was a present for my daughter Paige and needless to say he’s very loved and spoiled. He loves to follow us around begging for cuddles or treats. He has endless amounts of energy and isn’t afraid to say hi to anyone he meets.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

On the weekends we love to go to the farmers market at Whichwood barns and if its nice out enjoy some swimming at Toronto Lawn.

How would you describe your personal style?

My daily style is usually workout gear.  My nighttime look is usually a leather jacket, jeans, t-shirt and a nice pair of heels.

What inspires you?

My family inspires me to be always be present and in the moment.

A story about your pet:

Louie seems to have an everlasting impression with anyone that comes into contact with him. For a small dog (5lbs) he certainly doesn’t suffer from the ‘small dog complex’ he never barks and isn’t afraid of anyone. He just wants to be loved.