Social Pets – Doug the Pug

Get wowed by this Pug’s portfolio of creative endeavors

By Jon Nelson


As we strive to include the trendiest and best up-and-coming animals in our Social Pets series, we’re constantly on the lookout for pets getting the most attention or doing the most good and sometimes we overlook a special one. This isn’t because we hold anything against them, we just like to reveal pets that perhaps our audience hasn’t come across yet. However, when we get emails complaining that a fan favorite is yet to be featured, we’re all for jumping on that dog’s (or cat’s, or farm animal’s) bandwagon. So, without further adieu, let us present the one and only Doug the Pug!

Doug is the King of Pop Culture. You can spend hours scrolling through his Instagram feed or watching his YouTube videos – laughing your head off at his creative endeavors. His highlight reel is the best way to get a taste of the vast amount of work he’s accomplished.

Recently, Doug covered The Fresh Prince and we couldn’t be more tickled about it. But that’s just what Leslie Mosier, Doug’s owner and personal photographer does – tickles us with parody videos and wonderful images.

Leslie started the Doug the Pug empire (not quite, but it’s on the way) partly by accident and partly as a natural progression. At first, she was taking a few images of Doug for fun but as they grew in popularity she felt the need to constantly one up herself and produce more elaborate work. Over the three years since Leslie’s had Doug, she quit her full time job at a record label and began managing Doug the Pug full time.

We wish Leslie and Doug all the best and hope that more soon-to-be-famous pets reach out to them for their management needs!

Follow Doug the Pug on Instagram @itsdougthepug.