All Good Dog Food Party!

A kick-off party for a new & very special dog food co.

By Jon Nelson

All Good Dog food party

On a rainy autumn evening, Get Leased attended a party for a special little company called All Good Dog Food. Their model for hosting parties is as unique as their business model: Create something remarkable for people and their dogs that bring them together and make them feel good.

All Good Dog Food creates wholesome, fresh, all natural food for dogs that will make them feel better and live a healthier life. But further than the food, their business is booming because of a few simple things they do. Most importantly: they care. Step into their boutique, beautifully designed shop and you’ll feel like you’re part of a community. The staff all have a dog and more often than not there’s a pup to greet you at the door. Aside from being friendly, they’re more than willing to let you take samples and will even give you free meals for your dog. This is a confidence that can’t go unnoticed as the team behind All Good is so sure your dog will show you what a difference their food makes that you’ll become a lifelong customer.

Iggy Joey and her fam

With an incredible spread for humans and staff serving dog treats all night, the kick-off party for All Good Dog Food was an incredible event to be a part of. A little hectic with so many dogs running around, sure, but what dog-lover doesn’t love the energy only happy dogs can provide?

Check out some shots from the festivities and be sure to visit All Good Dog Food at their brand new location ASAP!