Megan Bonnell

Get to know this talented singer/songwriter and her dog named Dave

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


It seems fitting that an artist who creates music connected to nature; farmland and forests and everything else in rural Ontario, would have a stellar dog by her side. Megan Bonnell’s dreamy folk music is perfect for a rainy evening or a quiet, sunny afternoon. It brings out calm introspection and yearns to be played in a big empty house or while lying in a grassy field. What goes well in settings such as those? A dog by your side, of course.

Dave (the dog) came into Megan’s life just recently. He’s absolutely full of personality; playful, friendly, incredibly handsome and brimming with an off-the-wall attitude that suits his name perfectly. As far as human/dog relationships go, we believe Dave and Megan are perfect for each other. Dave so obviously adores Megan and the feeling is absolutely mutual (with a face like Dave’s it just might be impossible he’s not adored by everyone).

While he wasn’t around for the most of the creation of Megan’s newest, soon-to-be released album, we’re positive that his appearance in her life will lead to even more beautiful material pouring out of this soulful songstress. We’ll leave it to Megan to give you a bit more insight into her life and relationship with Dave (the dog), but be sure to keep an ear to the ground for the album’s release – it’s going to be a goody!

Please tell us about yourself:

I am a musician and I work part time at a lovely cafe called “Ella’s Uncle.” As an artist, I more or less have free reign over my schedule. My ideal morning involves waking up early to grab a coffee with Dave, taking him for a big walk in High Park, then coming home to hunker down and work on songs for the rest of the day. It’s so nice to get out and then get to work on something I love doing — it feels so satisfying.

Megan Bonnell and Dave the dog

A bit about your pet:

Dave is a mix between an Irish Setter and a Standard Poodle, a.k.a an Irish Doodle. We had been looking for months and originally planned to rescue an older dog. We even signed off on a cute terrier mix but that sadly fell through at the last minute. We were very disappointed, but knew our dog was out there. Then my fiancé and I ran into a beautiful Irish Setter with the sweetest disposition one weekend while walking through Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Her name was Willow. We both fell in love and decided we would look into that breed when we got home. Two weeks later, I heard about a litter of Irish Doodle pups on a farm outside of Ottawa! We went to meet them at four weeks old and knew Dave was our guy. He was so relaxed and sweet right from the beginning. He has grown to be a pretty big dog, but he is convinced that he’s a lap dog. He loves nothing more than to cuddle and make incredible eye contact with you. He looks deep into your eyes and just stares! It’s hilarious! He is so kind and loving and fills our home with so much joy. He is such a light in our lives.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

My family lives in Caledon. I love heading out of the city on the weekend with Evan and Dave and visiting them. My parents are neighbors with my sister’s family, so I get to see my little nieces and spend time with everyone. My parents have two Yellow Labs, so we usually take the dogs for a big hike through the forest. Then my mom will make an epic meal and we’ll all just hang out and spend time together. It’s ideal. If I stay in the city, we’ll usually go to Ella’s (even when I’m not working, because the coffee and baked goods are just that good!!) and then go to Bellwoods or Sorauren Park.

Describe your personal style:

Hmmm. Low key and eclectic.


What inspires you?

Musically, Bob Dylan. His music is the gift that keeps on giving. There is always new material of his to be found. And there is just something about his songs that get me. I feel so emotionally moved by them. He is a huge inspiration to me creatively and within my life overall.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

I think our home feels very lived in, in a nice way. It’s important to me to have a cozy space. The pieces in our home are a mix of old and new, so it’s got a rustic feel. Lots of pictures on the walls and a big comfy couch. I think it’s welcoming.

A story about Dave:

Whenever Ev and I hug, Dave immediately jumps up to get in on it. He thinks he’s human. Every time Ev leaves for work early in the morning, Dave immediately takes his spot, with his head on the pillow, spooning me and falling asleep immediately.