The 5 Best Print Magazines for Passionate Pet People

Our favorite editorials for fashion, the arts, lifestyle and education with a pet focus

By Jon Nelson

Best Pet Print Magazines

We love everything to do with pets. When we’re not writing about them, we’re reading about them. In this day in age, it’s a special feeling to pick up a magazine and flip through its glossy (or eloquently matted) pages. Sometimes, we can be in the mood to learn something new from published experts in the pet care field, while other times we enjoy turning pages of beautiful images, artistically laid out by renowned stylists. However we choose to spend our time away from our computer screens, we’ve found the very best print publications to help us do it in style.

Below is an outline of our favorite print magazines for passionate pet people that you can find around our office or at home on our coffee tables. Want to pick up an issue? Look for direct links below the images for each feature.

Four and Sons

Where dogs and culture collide. Chronicling the work of interesting people and their interesting dogs.

Dogs make a fantastic muse for artists. They’ve been painted and sculpted in thousands of forms for thousands of years, consistently admired and deemed important by the culture of the time. Today, though, with art expressed in so many more forms than ever before, dogs continue to reign as one of the most used muses for artists around the globe.

Across classic mediums such as painting and drawing to more current takes on fashion, music, cooking, baking, design, the natural world and architecture, dogs play a part in artists’ personal lives and the creations of their labors. This is where Four & Sons finds their subjects for their stories.

Why we love it

Stunning images and talented writers bring us stories that capture our love of dogs from artistic avenues we never connected them to before.

Why you’ll love it

Spend hours with each issue and see human relationships with our best companions in a whole new light. This magazine will inspire your artistic side, beginning with your dog as your best artistic influence.

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A stylish publication for culture, fashion, music and catlovers.

Cats have taken over the Internet and doing so, have invaded popular culture. Making the move from digital to print in PUSS PUSS, cats find their way by strutting the cat walk into the world of fashion and high culture. PUSS PUSS doesn’t bother with the cutesy cats taking up hours of YouTube bandwidth, instead, flip through their pages for a dose of beautiful photography and intelligent writing.

Hailing from London in the UK, where fashion and style are a cut above, PUSS PUSS can be found in boutique bookstores and highly frequented newsstands across the US but most notably and importantly: New York. If a magazine boasting a collision of fashion and cats can make the jump across the pond to the next most important style metropolis of style, one can assume their pages contain something special.

Why we love it

Cats have attitude and so do cat lovers. PUSS PUSS caters to the stylish, the sassy and savvy, the independent, no f***s giving cat inside all of us.

Why you’ll love it

If you’re into cats and fashion, PUSS PUSS is an essential coffee table companion and a conversation starter for guests you want to impress.

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Dogs Naturally

The magazine for dogs without boundaries.

In a time when information is so readily available at our fingertips, attempting to find the best answers to questions about pet care can be overwhelming. For every opinion online, there are dozens of counter arguments linking to an unfathomable amount of data, direction and advice. Dogs Naturally aims to help by streamlining only the best and most valuable information.

Dedicated to ethics and integrity, Dogs Naturally sets a mandate to be a complete resource for natural canine healthcare by publishing articles written by a community of like-minded vets, breeders, and trainers. Products featured in the magazine are put through rigorous testing and are truly helpful in increasing a dog’s health and happiness. It’s a definite treat to read full-length articles that we can feel confident in trusting, in turn spreading a greater knowledge of beneficial canine health practices.

Why we love it

Dogs Naturally is a trusted source for information about our canine companions and includes interesting and compelling articles from professionals who have made it their life’s work to better the lives of dogs and their owners.

Why you’ll love it

Ease your mind by knowing that you’re giving your dog the best care possible and have the knowledge that you have some of the best, most trusted opinions in your back pocket when conversations at the dog park arise (as they always do).

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Modern Dog

The lifestyle magazine for modern dogs and their companions.

If you ever wanted to take a deeper dive into your dog’s thoughts and feelings, modern dog does it with wonderful features from a staff who so obviously love dogs, their passion pours from the pages.

As dog-lovers, we’re constantly on the lookout for what’s new in the world of dog care and recreation. Modern dog never misses a beat! Rest assured you’ll find the best of the best for you and your dog between the pages of this magazine.

Why we love it

Full of training tips, recipes, humor, health practices and everything else to tickle a dog-lover’s fancy, Modern Dog packs its pages with features that make us smile.

Why you’ll love it

Kick back with heart-warming articles about dogs of all breeds. This magazine is a celebration of love for the best companions on the planet.

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K9 Magazine

The lifestyle magazine for modern dog lovers.

With a focus on celebrity pet-parents, K9 Magazine’s editorial content appeals to the want-it-all dog owner. Ever wonder about the best pet-friendly travel destination, the hottest app for pet owners or the what the newest fad diet for dogs is? K9 Magazine can tell you!

Between its pages, readers will find product reviews and training tips mixed with a huge dose of cuteness. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the life of dogs around the world, plus get caught up in touching stories of pets that have improved the lives of their owners. It’s impossible for a dog lover to pick up an issue of K9 Magazine and not find something to love about it!

Why we love it

The feeling of being at a party and meeting another dog lover is so totally encapsulated in the pages of K9 Magazine that every time we pick up a copy, it’s like we made a new friend.

Why you’ll love it

Put an issue on your bedside table and end each day with a feel-good dog story!

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