Angela & Steve

One happy couple, a new puppy and an ancient cat

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


Alright, so Monkie the cat isn’t exactly ancient, but she’s pretty old and it’s impossible to deny that she’s got that ancient cat wisdom. This gorgeous feline has been around for a while and joined Angela on a couple of big adventures. She’s grown old with experience yet maintains her ageless beauty.

On the other end of life’s journey is Layla, Steve and Angela’s adorable puppy who runs the entire home with cuteness. She’s even somehow charmed a cat which all pet lovers know is an incredibly difficult feat.

Living in the city and working full time jobs in the corporate environment can be a bit hectic, but Steve and Angela have done a wonderful job incorporating pets into their busy lives. We’ll leave it to them to tell you a bit more about it…

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:

Ange: I’m a group account director at a creative agency and love that I’m exposed to creativity all day. I like helping my clients create meaningful relationships with their customers.

Steve: I work in corporate learning and development, and what I love most about my profession is that I get to help people progress in their chosen careers.  For example, providing a new employee with the knowledge, skills and tools required to keep and excel in a new job gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

Angela and Steve

A bit about your pets:

Monkie is surprisingly 10 years old, but she clearly doesn’t look at day over 1. Sadly I found Monkie by the side of the road when I was back home for thanksgiving one year. I had to pull over to see what the crazy coloured little furball actually was! As soon as I saw her up close I fell for her big ‘puss in boots’ eyes. I brought her back to my mom’s for a thanksgiving feast and couldn’t leave to go back to Toronto without her.

Layla has been a great addition to our crew. It took a bit of convincing to get Steve to agree to get a dog, but as soon as he saw her at the breeders he was wrapped around her little paw. I always wanted an aussie, but wasn’t sure if a condo would work. When I started doing more research I discovered that there are mini aussies.  We went to visit Layla’s parents and instantly knew we had to bring one home.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Steve: Exploring Toronto with Ange on foot, or by bike. Finding new places and things to explore in Toronto is easy, and now with Layla we explore even more. Ange exposes me to new restaurants and cuisine, and I expose her to the Jays, Leafs and Raptors against her will. If we can manage a short weekend get-away to a cottage, or explore a new city then we jump at the opportunity.

Describe your personal style:

Ange:  Minimalist with a bit of edge. And there has to be a pair of heels. Co-workers will ask if I’m ok if they see me in flats.

Steve: My style includes finding pants and shirts that properly fit a guy who is 6’4”.  I clean up nice, and I actually do like fashion, but really I just want to live in shorts and a t-shirt.

What inspires you?

Ange: Traveling. Before I end one trip I’m usually plotting my next escape. I love experiencing a new culture and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. My favorite memory is visiting a dance hall with Carnival bands practicing in the favelas in Rio, Brazil.

Steve: Motivational memes on Facebook every morning really do it for me…

Angela and Steve

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Ange: Personal, modern and warm. I love our dining room table. We picked out the exact pieces of wood, sourced the steam pipe legs and Steve stained and assembled the final piece. I love that no one else can buy the same one. Steve also built our headboard and I’m going to revive an old Louis XV chair for our den.

A story about your pets:

Ange: Since Monkie was a kitten I think she actually thought she was a dog. She always comes running if I call her name and she will play fetch with her mice toys. She has these crazy bursts of energy and will literally bounce off the walls and do kung-fu kicks in the air. Monkie has been a great big sister to Lalya.

Steve: Layla broke me down.  I am at her will it seems.  Before she existed, I slept in on weekends.  I had never had to nurture anyone or anything.  Now I wake up earlier and I am willing to feed and walk her.  I am more active, and I actually enjoy mornings now thanks to Layla.   Both Ange, Monkie and Layla opened me up to a different lifestyle, and I love it.

She has even changed my mother’s lifestyle as well.   My mother walks Layla while we are at work.  Originally, I thought she would take her for quick walks, but she stays out with Layla for hours, and is always calling to ask if she can take her for a walk.  It’s amazing how little Layla has united all of us.