Sarah “Rizz” Young

Get Leashed gets silly with a great girl and a Great Dane

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Rizz and Eukie

Everybody knows Sarah as Rizz. It’s such a steadfast nickname that she sweetly insisted we call her by it when we met for her photoshoot. Everybody knows Rizz’s dog Euclid as Eukie. The Great Dane can’t speak so didn’t insist on being called one or the other but because she’s so instantly comfortable with new people and looks at you (face to face, pretty much) with her big, loving eyes, we were comfortable calling her Eukie also.

It’s a big responsibility (pun for sure intended) looking after a Great Dane. But as long as you don’t mind heavy things trying to sit in your lap, they’re a wonderfully sensitive breed. Eukie is no exception. Rizz works in a field that helps people immensely, is a super friendly people person in general, and has a warmth that shines through her kind disposition. They make a wonderful team, these two.

Here’s Rizz to tell you a bit more about her life, her work, and Eukie the sweetheart Great Dane.

Please tell us about yourself:

I am an Outreach Harm Reduction Substance Use Counsellor. I work specifically with women who are pregnant and/or parenting with small children and are struggling with substance use. I love the work that I do because I see humanity at all its levels. I love being a stand for women. I love being part of a change and movement to reduce stigma and increase community and services for those who need it. I love going to work and making connections with women in a unique way that creates such a powerful relationship. I love being an outreach counsellor because my office consists of coffee shops and women’s homes, park benches and shelters; it keeps me creative and thinking outside the box. I provide safe spaces for people to speak authentically, to feel inspired to be themselves – that’s pretty amazing.

Rizz ane Eukie

A bit about your pet:

I have a Great Dane named Euclid. Everyone calls her Eukie though. I got her through a friend of my roommate’s for free — with all her stuff! I was thinking of getting a large breed dog and when I said it out loud I had her within a week. Eukie and I connected right away; she loves chilling and also loves playing. We feed off each other and are both so awkward. Eukie changed my life and has been such a source of happiness for me because she has such an awesome personality! She is so silly and gentle and has no idea how large she is! We both are pretty mellow, but love to be social and have fun.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

I am always at Tucana on Dundas and Gladestone. Eukie is with me there on the weekends and we are staples of the shop. I love it there! We start every morning there and then we are often chilling on Dundas or making our way to High Park with our pals or piling dogs and pals in the car and driving to Cherry Beach. I also try to sneak in a brunch at The Beaver or Belljar.

What inspires you?

Humanity inspires me. Human resiliency is the most inspiring thing on the planet, in my opinion. I strive to be a person who inspires other people and to be a positive force in the world.

Rizz and Great Dane

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

I think my home is cozy and I like it to feel like a vintage cottage or maybe your cool grandma’s house. I love all things to do with sailboats and things that are old. I think it feels comfortable and relaxed with a lot to look at.

A story about Eukie:

Eukie was in the back of a SUV when my friends had taken her out for the day. She was too scared to jump down (because she is scared of everything!!), so she tucked her head and did a summersault out of the back of the car into the parking lot! Once they realized she was ok they couldn’t stop laughing! She always does things her own way, and it’s amazing.