Meet the Toronto Blue Jays’ Unofficial Mascot!

Is this French Bulldog responsible for David Price’s winning pitching stats?

By Si Si Penaloza

David Price and dog

The nation is in the midst of a rabid case of Blue Jays fever! We’ve witnessed the over-the-top body art, nail art and doggie jerseys to prove it. After Jose Bautista’s bat flip was immortalized in a tattoo and multiple memes (because gifs weren’t enough), fans have been swooning with devotion in ways that often involve their pets. A rabid fan even shaved the Jays team logo into his chest hair – things are getting downright furry folks.

When David Price was traded to Toronto in July of this year, there’s one thing that his new teammate Jose Bautista tweeted he was excited to get with his new teammate – some proper face time with his Frenchie! Astro Price is a huge presence in the Toronto Blue Jays pitcher’s life and social media; Astro has his own Twitter and Instagram accounts and has gained more fans as the Jays keep winning. That’s what winning streaks will do!

David Price and Frenchie

And this past National Dog Day on August 26th – our favourite day of the year – also happens to be David Price’s 30th birthday! Price’s photos of Astro on that day garnered well over 5,000 likes on Instagram! What better way for the team to celebrate than with Astro, who might be just as, or more, popular than the famous lefty.

We love how Price obviously takes Astro everywhere – proof that venues should relax rules for well-behave pets – the golf course, press conferences, red carpet premieres, private jets. Price sets the gold standard for work-life-dog-love balance in baseball! With this famous dog making his home in Toronto, looks like we’ll continue to get a steady stream of real-life Calvin and Hobbes levels of adorable-ness.

e01209605293241b4c7b41624e2cfd41Toronto has fallen hard for Price because he’s just a big kid at heart; he once boarded a plane wearing an inner tube, nose plugs and goggles. He’s active on Twitter, with 375,000 followers and posts weekly Astro images on Instagram to a legion of 250,000 followers. He loves parades, mascot races, his loyal dog Astro (@Astro_DPsDog), who has 5,695 Twitter followers himself. Talk about a pair of fan favourites!

In the past, the Rogers Centre has smartly hosted Annual Dog Days at the stadium so that dog loving fans can cheer the beloved Blue Jays with their best four legged friends. Typically held in June, the event is held in support of the Ontario S.P.C.A, and a special giveaway has been included with each Dog Day ticket sold.

“Dog Day gives the whole family, including your dog, a chance to enjoy a day at the stadium for a Blue Jays game,” said Craig Mabee the Director of Development for the ONTARIO SPCA. “The funds raised through this event help support our lifesaving work, which includes rescue, rehabilitation and adoption services for the countless animals that come into our shelters in need of care and hope every year.”
Tickets for the “Dog Zone” are historically priced at $33.00 (inclusive of all taxes and fees). All well behaved dogs are welcome; but we won’t blame Rover if he gives Yankee and Red Sox fans the cold shoulder! Bonus points for blue handkerchiefs.