Claire & Scott

Get to know these hilarious thespians and their hilarious dog

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


There are people who make you laugh and there are people who make you laugh. Genuinely funny people are much more fun to be around – that’s obvious – but we’ve also noticed that where there are really funny people, there’s a really funny dog. Dogs somehow  pick up on humorous elements and adopt a silly personality to match their owners’ wit. Don’t think this is true? You haven’t met Claire, Scott and Zeus the dog. Zeus has a hilarious nature that flies under the radar – right up until the moment he rams his stuffed kangaroo into your crotch and looks at you like he knows he’s leading with his A material.

When funny people find each other and make a funny couple, sparks fly. Claire and Scott, both actors and comedians, are one of these couples and needless to say, it makes for a highly entertaining photo shoot. Add in an elderly Golden Doodle with a winning, heartwarming personality and you’ve got the most adorably hilarious little family we could ever hope to feature.

We can’t put a better spin on Zeus the Golden Doodle’s life with Claire and Scott than they can themselves so without further ado, here they are to outline it for you…

Please tell us about yourselves:

Scott: I’m an actor, improviser, producer and writer. I joined Claire’s company, Stained Tie Films, two years ago and we have been making projects ever since. We make a good team. I am most certainly Pinky and she is The Brain (90’s reference #1) when it comes to work – when it comes to housework, it’s the inverse. Speaking of which, we just built, in our house, what I like to call our “creative room.” It has two huge chalkboards that I throw ideas on and potentially the best Big Comfy Couch (90’s reference #2). It’s a very inspiring space where we do all our work — I am currently typing on our keyboard in the creative room!  What are you currently working on, you ask? We are in full production mode for a multi-media short comedy, writing a holiday feature film, packaging two television pilots (a pilot is a show that is for sale that has yet to hit the market), writing a comedy series, developing a cartoon and cooking dinner… Claire… something is for sure burning.

Claire: I’m a stand-up comedian, actor, writer and owner of Stained Tie Films. We’re lucky to be able to be creative every day at work (from the comfort of our home). We’re also lucky that we like each other, because not only do we work together and live together, we’re also dating. We see each other a lot! Every week we’re always coming up with new ideas for projects and we get to meet and work alongside fascinating and incredibly talented people. What I love most about our job is that every day is different, which I think I sometimes take for granted. For example, last week I was on set pretending to be a mayor’s drug addicted wife and then the next day I was holed up in our office with Scott, trying to figure out what an elf would do in their spare time. It’s pretty wild and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Claire and Scott

A bit about your pet:

Our dog’s name is Zeus. Or as Scott likes to say his name, “Zeuuuuuuuuuuss!” He is a (first generation) Golden Doodle that is 14 years old. Scott got him as a puppy. Zeus is a very VERY emotional guy and so are we (we’re actors, remember?). Any time we walk through the door, he happy-cries for a few minutes, celebrating our return home. It’s really sweet. No person has ever been that excited to see us! Not even our moms when we came back from college. We’re also cuddle people. We like to snuggle and luckily, so does Zeus. If he didn’t, this probably would have never been a long-term relationship.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Zeus rules the weekend. He never stops talking about Christie Pitts, so, well, we have no choice but to go to Christie Pitts. Then, if everyone was good, we come home and watch a movie and make some popcorn. Zeus loves a good psychological thriller…but only if he can sleep on the couch (Sorry Claire!).

Claire and Scott

Describe your personal style:

We’re both very similar in that we wear them. Almost always.  I would say we are a modern take on classic style.

What inspires you?

There is a Canadian contemporary artist named Kelly Mark who creates amazing neon signs with thought-provoking sentences. Our favorite is “nothing never wins.” We both have completely different interpretations, but it inspires us both to work harder.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

I would say it’s the same as our style. Our home was built in 1890, and we’ve preserved a lot of the historical structure and classical look of the time, but put a modern twist on it.

Claire and Scott

A story about your Zeus:

When Zeus was a puppy, my mom (he was once a family dog), took him in for a routine checkup. He had an adverse reaction to some shots so he had to stay overnight. The next morning the vet phoned and told us he had passed away. The whole family mourned him for weeks. I didn’t however, because what your average psychologist would call “denial,” I called “unbridled positivity.” I thought that, for sure, Zeus was still alive. Two weeks later, we got a call from the vet saying that Zeus was indeed alive (I knew it!) and they accidentally mixed him up with another Doodle (poor guy). It may not display his character as a tangible, lovable, overly emotional white ball of joy, but it definitely holds true to his name as the god formerly known as Zeus (90’s reference #3).