3 Pit Bulls Rescued From Storm Drain in Brevard County, Florida

Your feel good story of the day

By Si Si Penaloza


A razor sharp police officer is being hailed as a hero after spotting three pit bulls stuck in a storm drain while on patrol in Cocoa, Brevard County, in Florida. Officer Matt Rush stopped to investigate after hearing a strange noise on State Route 520.

Eat your carrots folks, the survival of these dogs is a tribute to Rush’s eyesight and heightened sense of awareness. Okay, we concede, a double shot of Nespresso could also have been another feel good factor. Fortunately for the three dogs, he spotted them and called for assistance to begin a rescue operation. Officer Rush told reporters, “So, as I turned around, I went up to the sewer grate where I last heard the dogs barking, and noticed three large pit bulls stuck inside the sewer that was located in the eastbound lane.”

Pit bulls stuck

There has been a lot of speculation on Facebook that maybe a team of culprits or one malicious person did this to the dogs. But giving humanity the benefit of the doubt, perhaps the three dogs entered the sewer through a nearby open storm drain and were unable to find their way out again.

One of the dogs had his head stuck out of the small hole on the side of the road. Firefighters were able to remove the sewer grate and lasso the dogs before coaxing them out of the drain.

None of the dogs appear to be harmed by their ordeal. It is not known how long they were trapped underground. Now officials are trying to locate their owners, but none of the pit bulls was chipped or had details on a collar – which is why Whistle is such a great option for dog lovers who can’t bear the thought of separation. Animal welfare officers believe that the three dogs are family pets as they seem to be in good condition and were not hostile.


We did some, ahem, more digging, and this is not the first time Brevard County has distinguished itself in service of helpless animals. This past June, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Officers Lexi Applegate and Dale Craig, along with Maritime Security Officers Nancy Hudson and Ray Short, responded to the area of Fishlips Bar (love it) to the report of a distressed dog that had gotten stuck in a drain pipe.

They were able to block extra exits from the area where the dog was trapped to keep the dog from getting deeper into the drainage system. The Port Canaveral Fire Department was then requested to assist in the rescue efforts to help flush the dog to one side of the drain pipe where the dog could be safely secured on a leash. The strategy worked as the dog was removed without injuries from the drainage system and transported to the North Animal Care Center for evaluation.

Bravo, Brevard County!