Elyse Erickson

Downtown life with a brand-new puppy

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Elyse Erickson - Get Leashed Magazine

Caring for a puppy is a special thing. When we first bring them home, they’re entirely vulnerable and likely terrified. We do our best to make them feel safe and the first time they get comfortable enough to be rambunctious, our hearts grow bigger than we ever thought possible.

Elyse Erickson brought Olive home recently and while the puppy is still weary of strangers, it was easy to tell that she’s taken to Elyse and loves the safe space she’s created. Olive is incredibly chilled out, doing the puppy thing by being an adorably tiny ball of fur. There’s a couple great reasons that Olive is as comfortable as she already is, but we won’t spoil Elyse’s wonderful puppy rearing tactics.

Here’s Elyse to give you a bit more info about her downtown life with a brand new puppy:

Please tell us about yourself:

I work for Mark Anthony Brands in Toronto’s West side as a Territory Manager. My favorite part about my job is the freedom that comes with my position. Because I manage my own territory and get to build our brands in a fun industry, I have the chance to express my creative and innovative side on a daily basis, which keeps me inspired and excited. I love being active and have a real passion for health and wellness. I play basketball and volleyball, and enjoy working out and doing yoga. Starting my day off with some meditation or writing is the way I most enjoy beginning my waking hours.

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A bit about your pet:

My puppy’s name is Olive and she is a cockapoo. My twin brother has a cockapoo named Alfred, and I found myself always asking to dog-sit because he was such a pleasure to have around. So I thought that one day I would get a pup of my own, but that for now, playing auntie was nice. Then I went along for a ride with a friend going to check out a litter at a farm in St Jacob’s. I had no intention of leaving with a puppy of my own, until Olive and I locked eyes. We were meant to be, simple as that. She is calm and cuddly when she wants to be, but has a real spunky side to her; she will wag her little tail at every passerby in hopes for a pat on the head.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

My ideal weekend involves some morning chilling with a cup of coffee and some R&B or Country music (depending on our mood). Then we will venture out to enjoy the day; I have great friends and family in the city, so my weekends usually involve hanging with them. We will usually grab a coffee on Queen Street at Squirrel Coffee and take a walk — maybe do a little Queen West shopping. Because Olive is so small, she fits right in my jacket, so I can take her everywhere. If the weather isn’t the best, we have also been known to stay in and have a movie day; Olive loves a good Hugh Grant rom-com. She’s a girl after my own heart.

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Describe your personal style:

Bright, minimal, chic.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by health and wellness, personal growth and positive thinking. My life changed when I read The Secret years back; it wasn’t until then that I realized my thoughts manifest my life. Abraham Hicks is a speaker/author that I live by.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Warm, bright, eclectic.

A story about Olive:

When I first met Olive she was no bigger than a yam and had her brothers and sisters piled on top of her. The lady said because she was the runt of the litter, they all protected her and kept her warm by laying on her. When I took her home, I wanted to be sure she felt the same love in her new home, so I got a bunch of stuffed animals and blankets and piled them into her crate, and wouldn’t you know it she walked right in, nuzzled her way to the bottom, poked her head out and fell fast asleep. She still sleeps cuddling her teddies, or will come lay her head on me and go to sleep. It’s the best.