Social Pets – Loki the Wolfdog

Kelly Lund and his Wolfdog promote an outdoor lifestyle for dogs & humans alike

By Jon Nelson


Some people believe that a large part of the strong bond between humans and dogs is based in our mutual appreciation of nature. Anyone who has ever played outdoors knows that it’s more fun if you have a dog along for the journey. Even though they can’t communicate it with words, the smile on a dog’s face is undeniable when they’re happily tearing through the woods or across an open field.

Loki the Wolfdog is on a mission to enjoy the natural world to the fullest. Living in Colorado, this isn’t too difficult. Loki’s human, Kelly Lund, feels an undeniable sadness at the lack of exercise many of the bigger, more energetic breeds receive. By taking stunning photographs of Loki, he’s gained a massive following that he uses to promote the necessity and benefits of letting big dogs play off leash. He hopes that the attention garnered by the beautiful images he takes of Loki will appeal to more dog owners and dog-lovers to ensure these breeds live the lives they were meant to: outdoors and off-leash.

Loki is a husky, arctic wolf and malamute mix: beautiful to the point of detriment. Because dogs like Loki are so gorgeous and (obviously) make the most adorable puppies, families will adopt them without realizing how much of a handful they can be. These dogs can be tied to nothing but freedom and need a lot of socialization, making them determined experts at escaping enclosures. Because of this, many people end up helplessly submitting the dogs to shelters or (sigh) abandoning them.

Kelly hopes to change these instances by showing what a dog like Loki can do and we’re so thrilled he does! Living vicariously through Loki’s Instagram page is a favorite pastime for any nature/dog lover. Kelly’s photos and lifestyle have been getting some much deserved recognition lately (check out the featured Go Pro vid with over 1 million views above) and we hope his trails with Loki continue to expand so that they can spread the word on the necessity of a healthy lifestyle for dogs and humans alike.

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