10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Why making an old dog part of a family is the most worthwhile thing a pet lover could do

By Reva Nelson

Get Leashed 10 Reasons to Adopt Senior Dogs

Old dogs, like old people, might slobber a bit more.  They may not be as swift and they may not be as quick to learn new tricks, but like a favorite grandpa or old aunt, they offer an unconditional love that’s just about the most special thing a pet lover could ask for.

Below are 10 reasons why senior dogs are the bees knees…

1. Senior dogs know people

Senior dogs have wisdom and are excellent judges of character. An old dog’s love is worth way more than can be put into words. If you’re lucky enough to have it, you’ll enjoy the special feeling of a dog that just wants to hang out with you and know you’re near.

2. They don’t ask for much

Old dogs are happy to lie at your feet and give their old bones a rest.  Sure, they like a good time outside, but they won’t bark at you to throw a ball and they’re content just to stroll beside you.

3. They fall in love easilyGet Leashed senior dog

Old dogs love you very deeply. Have you ever seen an old dog look at you? They look deep into your eyes and are so grateful that you are you.

4. Senior dogs are willing to trust

Senior know they can count on you.  Nervous dogs have calmed down, jumpy dogs have stopped jumping and the barky ones talk much more softly. Senior dogs are calmer and more confident.  If you’re able to provide a safe home, they’re willing to trust you.

5. They still have some spark

Just like their human counterparts, senior dogs today are different than senior dogs in the days of yore. There’s medication for things like an arthritic hip (for both your grandma and your dog) so many old dogs can live pain-free and still want to run beside you (if just a little more slowly).

6. Senior dogs start with friendship

Older dogs don’t need to be trained. For a lot of senior dogs, the basics are already in place. You can begin building a relationship from day one and forget about the time it takes to train a puppy.

7. They’re less likely to eat your things

Young puppies chew everything.  Really.  Everything. And it doesn’t stop at chewing. With a new puppy, you can expect a visit or two to the vet to remove the socks, the Legos or the engagement ring.  Read: EXPENSIVE.

8. Gratitude and loyalty

When you adopt an old dog, there’s a level of gratitude that’s unmatched.  Somehow they know they’ve been rescued.  Really.  They seem to know. Because of this, their loyalty knows no bounds.

9. Karma points

Dogs are put up for adoption for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes there’s a move, or a break up, or a health issue.  When you take on a well-loved dog, you help the dog and their previous owner. Their old pet is not just a dog.  Their pet is a well-loved member of a family and deserves a chance to be a part of a new one.

10. Senior dogs are deep

There’s something very special about old dogs. They have an unmatched wisdom. They know they’re slowing down, so they’re extra grateful that you are still there, doling out the pats on the head and providing them with love and comfort. The bond you share is just about as deep as it gets, and an old dog is as special as can be.