Adam Gellert

Get to know the Linkus Group CEO & Founder with Lola the office Westie!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


Dog-friendly offices make better work places. It’s not an official science, but since there are so many good reasons to bring a dog to work, we feel safe making the statement.

At Linkus Group, a firm dedicated to redefining HR and recruitment, Lola the Westie ties the office together by being a shining, joyful face in the office environment. Which isn’t to say that founder and CEO Adam Gellert and his team have any sort of bland office on the go, but even a lively bunch of young go-getters and a leader with a vision as enthusiastic as Adam’s can use the adorable stimulation only a dog like Lola can bring.

If you’re in need of recruitment services, we’d suggest looking at Linkus Group’s model. Spending just a short time in their offices, it was plain as day that Adam’s put together a team of motivated staff to meet clients’ needs and find the best personnel for the job. Read on for more insight into Adam, Linkus Group, and life as a young entrepreneur who’s put together a killer business with a great team to back him up – Lola the Westie included, of course.


Please tell us about yourself:

I eat, sleep and breathe recruitment. I can talk for hours about anything to do with the growth of an organization from a people standpoint; attraction, retention, culture fit, etc. I’m the Founder and CEO of Linkus Group. We are a full-service HR and Recruitment firm based in Toronto and opening in Vancouver in the coming months. I started the company with the intent to disrupt the recruitment industry, and we are doing just that. I’ve got a fantastic team and we work very hard to help build championship teams for our clients that can sustain a winning outlook again and again.

A bit about your pet:

I’ve always been an animal person; my family had a German Shepherd growing up and I worked at a veterinary clinic for seven years (with the intention of becoming a vet).  Therefore, I knew I wanted to have a dog of my own! I chose Lola (Westie) because she’s a small breed (perfect for my condo) and hypoallergenic (perfect for everyone), and is able to match my lifestyle as an entrepreneur always on the go. I talked to a vet who’s also a long-time family friend about what breed he recommended based on this criteria and sure enough Westie was suggested and Lola came into my life shortly thereafter.


What does your ideal weekend look like?

If I’m not glued to my phone or at the office, I’ll be out with friends at a restaurant, bar or concert. I’m a big fan of all the activities Toronto has to offer in terms of musical events, art, food and the outdoors.

Describe your personal style:

I have a style for every occasion and I like to always stay on trend.

What inspires you?

“I know that I was born and I know that I will die; the in between is mine.” That’s a quote from Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. I believe living in the moment, respecting everything around me and creating positive change is key to success in life, love and work. I think most people who know me would say I’m very patient and would do just about anything to help out when needed.


How would you describe your home?

I live downtown in the West end. My place is very simple, with very few things (I don’t own a TV). I like the mix of parks and concrete my area affords. Having everything very accessible when you’re always on the go is my number one requirement for a place to call home.

A story about Lola:

Lola takes her job very seriously at the office as our first impressionist/office mascot, making her way around the office each morning to say her hellos. She’s nine years old, but without a doubt anyone new thinks she’s a puppy based on how much energy and attention she gives them. I think she’s part cat, always having to be nested on the highest point, whether it’s a chair, windowsill or the top of the couch. If there’s ever a doubt that she’s well-loved, just ask the long list of people wanting to take care of her when I go away — even if it’s just for the afternoon.