Social Pets – Stanlee & Sophee

Whitney Leigh Morris’ beagles add extra flare to stunning home decor

By Jon Nelson


Whitney Leigh Morris has made a big name for herself based on something very small. Physical size is the only thing small about it, however, because the 1920’s cottage she lives in with her partner and two beagles is huge in innovative design and gigantic in personality. Dubbed #TheTinyCanalCottage, the beautiful space has turned Morris into a household name amongst design enthusiasts and garnered her thousands of followers on Instagram. Our favorite part of her gorgeous home and perfectly executed layouts? The beagles, of course!

Stanlee, the 9-year-old pup whose color pallet is mimicked in what seems like the majority of cottage compositions, adds his humorous character and that perfect je ne sais quoi that only a dog can bring to photos.

Whitney Lee Morris Get Leashed Mag  Get Leashed Whitney Lee Morris

A newer addition to the cottage, Sophee, is so adorable that Instagram saw an incredible outpouring of love for her wellbeing when she recently broke her leg. Under a year old, the beagle pup is already the star of Morris’ Instagram account, save for the wonderfully decorated space she’s photographed in.

If you’re like us, the only thing that makes dogs better is when they’re photographed in a beautiful setting. Since we’re so enamored by great design and love to explore fashion in stylish cities (check out our recent picks for Venice Beach), @WhitneyLeighMorris and her pups are naturally our favorite Instagram stars of the moment!

Search #StubsandSoph on Instagram for a big dose of these gorgeous beagles.