Naomi Snieckus & Matt Baram Get Silly With Their Dogs

Get Leashed has a good ol’ Canadiana time with this dynamic comic duo

By the Get Leashed celebrity squad

Naomi Snieckus Matt Baram Get Leashed Magazine

If you’re a fan of comedy, two names that should be at the tip of your tongue are Naomi Snieckus and Matt Baram. The duo has graced the vast Canadian landscape of entertainment mediums and made us laugh through everything we’ve had the pleasure of seeing them do.

Even if you don’t know you know them, you know them. Matt and Naomi have those faces that make you feel like you might remember them from when you were a child. They’re just that warm and friendly. Plus, they’ve been acting for years so if you saw them at a party, you’d spend an hour wondering where you’ve seen them before.

Anyone who’s ever tried to make it as an actor knows how hard it is, so the fact that these two are doing it successfully is amazingly cool. Cooler still is that apart from making a living for themselves, they’ve made a home for two really great dogs.

Aside from being hysterically funny, these two are jam-packed with wisdom. We were lucky enough to capture some of it on film for your viewing pleasure.

Though we already know that the best matchmaker in the world is a dog, we didn’t have a concrete example until meeting Baram and Snieckus. Way back when they were just friends and scene partners at The Second City in Toronto, they’d bring their respective pups to class with them. Rufus and Murphy were friends first and to their delight, have become roommates now that their parents have tied the knot. They enjoy a delightful life together and seem to love being the center of many laughs, our Canadiana shoot notwithstanding.

Recently, Matt and Naomi finished an incredibly well received and consistently sold-out run of a show titled Baram & Snieckus, You and Me Both, at Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto. This year, you can catch Naomi on the CBC hit show, Mr. D, now filming season 5, while Matt brings his comedic expertise to Make it Pop on Nickelodeon (YTV in Canada). We can’t wait to see what these too masters of comedy have in store for us next!


Press photo from Baram & Snieckus