Melissa Grelo

We spent the day at Grelo Farms with the co-host of CTV’s The Social and her gorgeous family

By the Get Leashed Celebrity Squad


If you’ve ever wondered whether your favorite TV show host or anchor has a similar personality off the air as they do on, look no further than Melissa Grelo. The bubbly, warm, sophisticated and personable co-host of CTV’s THE SOCIAL is just as much the girl you want to be friends with off air as she is on. Recently, Melissa graciously invited us to visit her country home and we told her we’d have to think about it. Just kidding! When a gorgeous celeb who loves dogs invites us to her family farm to meet her Doberman, husband and wide-smiling baby, we’re there in a heartbeat!

Early on a Saturday morning, Melissa’s Doberman, Sultan and his giant friend, Titan, enthusiastically greet us at the car. You can tell these dogs live in the country by their playful good nature and boundless strides around the property. Family companions in all earnestness, with free reign, they chose to curl up on the carpet with their parents for our photo shoot and then accompany us on our tour, happy to have us as new friends to grab extra head scratches from.

Inside their stunning country home, we chat work, parenthood and farm life with Melissa and her husband, Ryan Gaggi. Together, Melissa and Ryan have probably the cutest baby you’ve ever seen. No, no, this isn’t one of those times where you have to say someone’s baby is the cutest. Absolutely bursting with smiles for the camera, Marquesa is the real deal. Roll the video clip below to instantly agree.

We stroll around the property to get a sense of what Grelo Farms is all about – hard work at something you love, then enjoying that thing for everything it’s worth. Chatting with Melissa’s father as he instructs a student is an inspiration in following your passion.

Seeing Melissa with the horses confirms our suspicion that it’s not just us that wants to have her as a friend. They trustingly and emphatically hang their heads over the wood fence to greet her and just like the dogs, are happy to readily make our acquaintance as well.

Be sure to check out our video for the full story from Melissa on becoming a new mom, her awesome job and country living on Grelo Farms. Needless to say, we’re hoping more dogs make their way into Melissa’s life so that we have an excuse to head back. That, or we might all be signing up for riding instructions!

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